The Prophet god roll and best perks in Destiny 2

The Prophet stands out as a formidable choice among Stasis weaponry in Destiny 2, particularly when equipped with its optimal roll. This scout rifle from Trials of Osiris boasts versatility, attracting both PvP and PvE players to seek it out.

Its robust perk pool significantly contributes to the Prophet’s allure. While it excels in Stasis setups, it offers valuable perks even for non-Stasis loadouts. Additionally, it adopts the Aggressive Frame archetype, reminiscent of the renowned Long Arm from Spire of the Watcher (and the less celebrated Last Rite, the season 21 ritual weapon).

Here are our recommended god rolls for the Prophet in Destiny 2 across different activities.

The Prophet PvE and PvP god rolls

The Prophet PvE god roll:

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake, Polygonal Rifling,
  • Mag: Flared Magwell or Tactical Mag
  • Third column: Demolitionist, Rapid Hit, or Outlaw
  • Fourth column: Headstone, Explosive Payload, or Kill Clip

The Prophet PvP god roll:

  • Barrel: Hammer-Forged Rifling, Arrowhead Brake, or Polygonal Rifling
  • Mag: Accurized Rounds
  • Third column: Keep Away or Rapid Hit (Honorable mention: Hip-Fire Grip)
  • Fourth column: Kill Clip (Honorable mention: Explosive Payload)

The Prophet PvE god roll: Optimal perks and breakdown

The Prophet caters well to PvE enthusiasts with its versatile perk pool. Classic perks, along with those compatible with all subclasses, are available for selection.

For the third column, we recommend Demolitionist, Rapid Hit, or Outlaw. Demolitionist stands out for its free grenade energy, particularly valuable in Stasis builds reliant on grenades. Rapid Hit and Outlaw, although conventional choices, remain top picks for various weapon types.

We lean towards Demolitionist for its broad utility. However, Rapid Hit and Outlaw offer exceptional gunplay performance. Rapid Hit gains bonus points for high-end content suitability, providing benefits without requiring kills. Demolitionist adds a unique flavor, often leaving guardians satisfied with their rolls.

In the fourth column, Headstone synergizes well with Stasis builds and remains appealing across all subclasses. While Explosive Payload offers PvE damage enhancement, Kill Clip grants substantial bonuses upon kill triggers. Explosive Payload suits challenging activities where enemies endure longer, while Kill Clip excels in scenarios with swift enemy eliminations.

Golden Tricorn delivers significant damage buffs, particularly effective when triggering matching ability kills after weapon kills. Although optimal, Stasis subclasses may not fully exploit this perk due to infrequent grenade activations. While advantageous with sufficient uptime, Kill Clip generally offers a more consistent performance. Both choices offer value, ensuring effective utilization.

Optimal perks and analysis

For PvP enthusiasts, the Prophet’s god roll offers considerable benefits, serving well in PvE scenarios when alternative options are scarce.

Keep Away enhances the Prophet’s already impressive range, further empowering its prowess at a distance. Rapid Hit remains a solid choice, particularly advantageous for scout rifles. Enhanced stability aids accuracy, while faster reloads ensure magazine replenishment during or after engagements.

Alternatively, Hip-Fire Grip may suit those preferring hip-firing over aiming down sights. While not our top pick, it synergizes well with the Tex Balanced Stock origin trait, activating Tex after several shots. Though situational, it offers effectiveness within its niche. Combining this with Offhand Strike doubles down on hip-firing, albeit relying heavily on specific playstyles. While potentially effective, its situational nature precludes it from topping our list for general use.

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