The Outlast Trials | How many players can play co-op together?

While you can venture into The Outlast Trials alone, tackling it with friends can make the experience less intimidating. However, there’s a limit to the number of players allowed as you strive to break free from captivity. Here’s the lowdown on how many players can join forces in co-op mode within The Outlast Trials.

The Outlast Trials: Co-op Player Limit

In The Outlast Trials, co-op mode supports teams of two, three, or four players. This means you can team up with one, two, or three friends, or venture solo into the horrors awaiting you.

So, if you and three buddies are keen to brave this nightmare together, you’re in luck. However, if your group exceeds four players, they’ll need to form additional teams or tackle the challenge solo.

While solo play is an option in The Outlast Trials, cooperative play can enhance your gameplay experience. Although it’s not mandatory for completing objectives, having teammates can streamline the process, especially with tougher challenges. A well-coordinated group with voice communication can make daunting tasks more manageable. Plus, facing the horrors together can ease some of the fear… well, sort of.

However, playing with others carries its risks. With more players, there’s a higher chance of making significant mistakes, particularly if you’re teamed up with unfamiliar players or those reluctant to communicate. Thus, there are both advantages and drawbacks to teaming up.

For those eager to play with friends across different platforms, The Outlast Trials offers crossplay support. This means you can join forces with friends regardless of the platform they’re on, as long as you have a friend code handy.

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