The limitations Of Final Fantasy XIV’s Free Trial access

Final Fantasy XIV can be costly with numerous expansions and subscriptions to purchase. However, if you’re hesitant to commit, there’s ample time and content available for testing through the free trial—with certain limitations.

Any player can initiate this free trial without needing to invest in expansions or subscriptions: Simply sign up and download the game.

The Free Trial is extensive, particularly due to the continual addition of content to FFXIV over the years. After a decade, it offers thousands of hours of gameplay. You can experience the content of A Realm Reborn, the base game, as well as the first two expansions, Heavensward and Stormblood. However, you won’t have access to the quests of Shadowbringers, Endwalker, and soon, Dawntrail. Moreover, some features are inaccessible because they require a subscription.

Content restrictions of FFXIV’s Free Trial

Several restrictions prevent you from having the identical experience as subscribed players in FFXIV. The primary restrictions pertain to social features, which can be frustrating given the game’s emphasis on cooperative play in adventures and quests.


You cannot form a Party, but you can join one. Therefore, if you wish to explore the game with friends, consider sharing a subscription within the group: One person can create a party, and you can play together.

Here is a list of limitations of the Free Trial:

  • You cannot exceed level 70 (applies to combat, crafting, and gathering).
  • You cannot accumulate over 300,000 gil.
  • You lack access to shout, yell, or tell chat functions (preventing you from sending private or global messages).
  • You cannot purchase items from other players via the Market Board or engage in trading.
  • You cannot send letters via Moogles.
  • You cannot employ retainers.
  • You can join a Party, Linkshell, or Cross-World Linkshell, but cannot create one.
  • Free Companies are inaccessible.
  • PvP is disabled.
  • You cannot participate in Ultimate Raids.
  • You cannot utilize community features of the Lodestone or the Companion application.

Technically, you can purchase a house. However, this feature is also restricted for trial users due to the gil cap of 300,000 and the higher cost. Nonetheless, there is plenty to do, and you can team up for battles through the Duty Finder. Additionally, developers introduced Duty Support for solo players, providing NPCs to assist them in gameplay without real allies.

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