The Best Junon Parade Formation in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Junon holds several memorable moments in the original Final Fantasy 7. Among them is when Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud disguise themselves in Shinra uniforms and partake in the Junon parade. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth revitalizes this scene with a new rendition of the parade! Having gathered all the Seventh Infantry troops prior to this event ensures you can create the optimal parade formations in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Which Parade Formation Should You Choose in FF7 Rebirth?

The most effective formations for the Junon Parade in FF7 Rebirth comprise Grenadiers, Riot Troopers, Flametroopers, Riot Troopers, and Grenadiers. The parade offers three difficulty levels, and the arrangement of troop types determines your rating. Hence, the recommended formation above is challenging but yields the highest rating. While tasked with locating the Seventh Infantry troops, you’re instructed to find five out of ten, but securing all ten enables you to access multiple formations.

Your chosen formation also dictates the Summon formation performed during the parade itself. Specifically, the formations for the participating units outlined are:

  • Ramuh Three-Star Formation
  • Shiva Three-Star Formation
  • Bahamut Three-Star Formation

Does The Parade Formation Matter?

The parade formation impacts your score but not the overall story. You could select an entire parade formation of Security Officers, and it would still suffice. While formations other than those suggested may not be ideal for achieving a high rating, you’re free to choose any troop set and order you prefer.

Witness the full Parade March mini-game in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth below:

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is now available on the PS5.

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