Tekken 8: Unlock Every Alternate Outfit

Tekken 8 boasts a massive roster featuring 32 characters, each with a variety of outfits that showcase their personality and aesthetics. While some outfits are readily purchasable with Fight Money, others require alternative methods of unlocking. This guide will walk you through the different avenues for obtaining alternate outfits for your favorite characters.

Tekken 8 Alternate Outfits Overview

Before delving into the specifics of each character’s alternate outfits, let’s explore the three primary methods of obtaining them.

Tekken 8 Character Customization

1. Fight Money Outfits

Every character has access to three full-body outfits purchasable with Fight Money in the Character Customization menu. Here’s the list of available outfits and their prices:

  • TK8 Style (Alternate A) – 500,000G
  • TK7 Style – 500,000G
  • Special Outfit – 1,000,000G

The “Special Outfit” is a unique alternate outfit that varies for each character, offering a distinct appearance.

2. Main Story Outfits

Completing the main story, “The Dark Awakens,” on any difficulty unlocks outfits for Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima, along with additional cosmetic accessories.

3. Super Ghost Battles Outfits

This method unlocks alternate outfits for all 32 characters. Engage in Super Ghost Battles mode by accessing it from the Main Menu or through Arcade Quest mode at the “Final Round.” Defeat specific Ghost opponents to earn alternate outfits.

Once in the Super Ghost Battles hub, select “CPU Ghost,” and battle the ghosts with treasure chests beside their names. These chests often contain unique alternate outfits.

Every Alternate Outfit in Tekken 8

Now, let’s delve into the alternate outfits obtainable through the main story and Super Ghost Battles. Fight Money outfits are available from the beginning, accessible whenever you accumulate enough Fight Money.

All “The Dark Awakens” Alternate Outfits

CharacterOutfitHow To Obtain
Jin KazamaTK8 Style (Story Version)Clear ‘The Dark Awakens’ on any difficulty
Jin KazamaSoul Chain (Accessory)Clear ‘The Dark Awakens’ on any difficulty
Kazuya MishimaTK8 Style (Story Version)Clear ‘The Dark Awakens’ on any difficulty

All Super Ghost Battle Alternate Outfits

Ghost NameGhost LevelCharacterOutfit Name
LASTDANCEBushinAzucenaTK8 Style (Alternate B)
MTC_CrystalBushinZafinaTK8 Style (Alternate B)
MaroyakaAlmondBushinKumaTK8 Style (Alternate B)
Noisy AssassinBushinNinaTK8 Style (Alternate B)
Komi_zBushinClaudioTK8 Style (Alternate B)
SilentRoarBushinDragunovTK8 Style (Alternate B)
Jet-BlackBushinDevil JinTK8 Style (Alternate A)
kung-fu-birdBushinAsukaTK8 Style (Alternate B)
KATSUKAREBushinSteveTK8 Style (Alternate B)
TheDoryaBushinKazuyaTK8 Style (Alternate B)
GomaCorBushinPaulTK8 Style (Alternate B)
ShadowKishinRavenTK8 Style (Alternate B)
MASU-OKishinReinaTK8 Style (Alternate B)
Big-NyanKishinPandaTK8 Style (Alternate B)
Comeooooon!KishinLeeTK8 Style (Alternate B)
RingoAmeKishinAlisaTK8 Style (Alternate B)
ColonelKishinLeoTK8 Style (Alternate B)
MilkyWayKishinLiliTK8 Style (Alternate B)
GasyaGasyaKishinJack-8TK8 Style (Alternate B)
DoubleFlamingoKishinHwoarangTK8 Style (Alternate B)
MaskedBreakerKishinKingTK8 Style (Alternate B)
BenBenKishinLawTK8 Style (Alternate B)
ZeroCalorieRaijinVictorTK8 Style (Alternate B)
Or@ngeSodaRaijinJunTK8 Style (Alternate B)
Good-DogRaijinLeroyTK8 Style (Alternate B)
KiraKiraStarRaijinShaheenTK8 Style (Alternate B)
AcceleRaijinLarsTK8 Style (Alternate B)
FunHaHo!RaijinFengTK8 Style (Alternate B)
SaladRaijinBryanTK8 Style (Alternate B)
hidaRaijinJinTK8 Style (Alternate A)
FuriFuribbonRaijinXiaoyuTK8 Style (Alternate B)
Shi-Gu-ReRaijinYoshimitsuTK8 Style (Alternate B)
BigOwlBattle RulerJunYuzen-Dye Karate Top (Asuka)
shimbori_zBattle RulerLiliTK8 Style (Asuka P1)
Salt-eaterBattle RulerJinTK8 Style (Hwoarang P1)
GazekiziBattle RulerHwoarangTK8 Style (Jin P1)
TacchanBattle RulerLawTK8 Style (Paul P1)

Explore these methods to unlock alternate outfits and customize your favorite characters to stand out in the diverse world of Tekken 8!

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