Tekken 8: The Basics, Explained

Hey fellow gamers! Ready to delve into the intricate world of Tekken 8? This release might be the most welcoming to newcomers, but trust me, beneath the surface lies a complex web of legacy systems and mechanics. Don’t worry; we’re in this together!

Tekken 8 Notation Guide

Before we kick off the mechanics marathon, let’s decipher the Tekken 8 Notation. Ever seen combos like ‘d/f 1+2’ and felt lost? Stick around. In Tekken, numbers represent attacks, and letters denote movement. Get comfy with ‘f’ for Forward, ‘d’ for Down, and the gang. Check out the table below for the full scoop!

Left Punch1
Right Punch2
Left Kick3
Right Kick4
Down/Left (⭩)d/l
Down (⭣)d
Down/Right (⭨)d/r
Back (⭠)b
Forward (⭢)f
Up/Back (⭦)u/b
Up (⭡)u
Up/Forward (⭧)u/f

Tekken 8 Movement Guide

Movement is your secret weapon in Tekken. Whether it’s dashing, backdashing, or sprinting, mastering these can turn the tide. But hold on, there’s more!

How To Move Into The Foreground And Background

Want to show off your fancy footwork? Tapping ‘Up’ once sidesteps into the background, while ‘Down’ does the same into the foreground. Double-tap ‘Down’ for a quick sidestep into the foreground. Just watch out for those sneaky ‘Homing Attacks’ – they track you down!

Dashing, Backdashing, And Sprinting

Dashing and backdashing are your go-to moves. Dash forward by tapping ‘Forward’ twice, and backdash with ‘Back’ twice. Sprinting? That’s a single tap forward, followed by holding it down. Time to unleash those combos!

Tekken 8 Defense Guide

Now, let’s talk defense. Blocking is your bread and butter, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

How To Block

Blocking is your best friend. Hold ‘Back’ for High and Mid-Attacks, or stay ‘Neutral.’ Low Attacks? Hold ‘Down/Back.’ Simple, right? But wait, there’s more!

Parrying Low Attacks And Special-Mids

Feeling fancy? Parry Low Attacks by holding ‘Down/Forward’ just before the hit. It’s a game-changer. Special-Mids? Same trick, but these are rare – watch for that arm!

Sidestepping And Ducking

Dance around your opponent with sidestepping and ducking. Crouch with ‘Down’ to dodge High to Mid attacks, or sidestep to avoid ‘Unblockable’ attacks. But beware of those pesky ‘Homing Attacks’ – they’ll catch you sidestepping!

Teching Throws

Throws incoming? Time to tech! Depending on the throw, tap the right buttons to break free. The table below is your cheat sheet!

Opponent’s ThrowHow To Tech
Front-FacingTap either 1 or 2 at the beginning of the animation. Do NOT tap both buttons simultaneously.
Right-SideTap the 2 (Right Punch) button at the beginning of the animation.
Left-SideTap the 1 (Left Punch) button at the beginning of the animation.
Back-SideThrows initiated from behind cannot be teched out of.

Tekken 8 Recovery Guide

Lastly, let’s talk recovery. Ever been knocked down and wished for a quick escape? We got you covered!

Ground Recovery

Hit the ground? Roll into the background with ‘1’ or foreground with ‘2.’ Want to mix it up? Try rolling forward with ‘3’ or kicking after rolling with ‘4.’ Feeling feisty? Spring forward with ‘3+4.’ Now you’re back on your feet!

Health Recovery

White Health piling up? Chip damage, airborne attacks, or blocked attacks in Heat mode contribute. Hit your opponent to recover. Be cautious – Low Attacks and Rage Arts can drain it!

There you have it, Tekken aficionados! Master these mechanics, and you’ll be throwing combos and dodging attacks like a pro.

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