Tekken 8 | Mishima Family Lore Complete Guide

Yo gamers, buckle up for a Mishima family rollercoaster! These folks are the heart and soul of Tekken, and if you’ve ever wondered about their family dynamics, I got the lowdown just for you.

Guide to Mishima Family Relationships

The Mishimas, originally samurais turned business bigwigs after the Meiji restoration, are like the Kardashians of the Tekken universe – just with more face-kicking. Their Mishima Zaibatsu is the stage for some serious family drama. Let’s get into it!

Kazuya Mishima

Kazuya, our OG Tekken hero, is the son of Heihachi and the Devil Gene’s chosen one. Dude’s got a serious grudge against his old man, and the father-son showdowns are practically a family tradition. Fun fact: Kazuya’s sneaker collection is as fire as his fighting moves.

Heihachi Mishima

The top dog of the Mishima Clan, Heihachi’s all about tapping into the power of the Devil Gene. His fatherly training methods involve turning his son into a martial arts prodigy – tough love, am I right? And surprise, he’s got more kids than we thought. Hold onto your hats for that bombshell.

Jun Kazama

Enter Jun, the eco-warrior of Tekken 2. She’s on Kazuya’s case for smuggling animals, but instead of a fight, they catch feelings. Jun vanishes after Tekken 2, only to resurface in Tekken 8. Talk about a plot twist!

Jin Kazama

Jin, the lovechild of Kazuya and Jun, takes the spotlight from Tekken 3 onwards. Inheriting the Devil Gene, he trains with grandpa Heihachi, but when family loyalty crumbles, he takes a dark turn. Tekken 8 throws in a redemption arc, but Devil Gene shenanigans are never that simple.

Jinpachi Mishima

Tekken 5 brings us Jinpachi, Heihachi’s father and a powerhouse despite lacking Devil Gene perks. Founder of the Mishima empire, he’s the first non-playable boss in Tekken history. Talk about a family legacy.

Lars Alexandersson

Lars is the wild card – Heihachi’s secret love child with a mysterious Swedish lady. No Devil Gene in this mix. He leads a rebel army against G-Corp, Kazuya’s brainchild. Now that’s what I call family diversity.

Kazumi Mishima

Heihachi’s late wife, Kazumi, started the Devil Gene saga. She’s the gene’s original carrier, passing it on to Kazuya and Jin. Tekken 7 finally brings her into the spotlight as a final boss.

Reina Mishima

Fresh off the Tekken 8 block, we’ve got Reina. Rocking Heihachi’s fighting style, she’s hinted to be the last Devil Gene user. Is she gearing up to be Tekken 9’s big bad? The plot thickens!

So, there you have it – the Mishima saga in all its punch-kick glory. Tekken, where family reunions involve epic battles and world-altering genes.

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