Tekken 8: Kuma Guide – Combos, Move List, Rage Arts

Prepare to embrace the absurdity as we delve into the world of Kuma, the iconic bear in Tekken 8. From being Heihachi’s pet to a proud member of the Tekken Force, Kuma brings a unique fighting style that blends bear-like attacks, Mishima martial arts, and sheer hilarity. Whether you’re a Tekken veteran or new to the series, let’s explore who Kuma is, his playstyle, and what makes him a standout character in Tekken 8.

Who Is This Bear Named Kuma?

Heihachi’s Old Pet & A Proud Tekken Force Member

Tekken 8 - Kuma's King of Iron Fists Title Card

Kuma’s tale extends beyond his bear exterior. Trained in Mishima martial arts, he served as Heihachi’s bodyguard and developed a fierce rivalry with Paul Phoenix. In Tekken 8, Kuma continues to participate in the King of Iron Fist Tournaments, armed with a new, fishy weapon that adds a unique twist to his combat.

For Writing Out Directional Inputs, Attacks, & Combo Strings

Tekken 8 - Kuma Stratching His Head After His Rage Art

Before we dive into Kuma’s gameplay, familiarize yourself with Tekken’s notation system. Understand directional inputs, attacks, and combo strings to fully grasp the intricacies of Kuma’s moveset.

What Type Of Fight Kuma Is & How He’s Different In Tekken 8

The Master Of Salmon & Absurd Hijinks

Tekken 8 - Kuma In The Midst Of A War

Kuma’s playstyle is a blend of bear-like unpredictability, Mishima-style martial arts, and humorous antics. In Tekken 8, Kuma incorporates more of Heihachi’s moves into his arsenal. While not overly technical, Kuma thrives on mix-ups, making him a challenging yet entertaining character to master.

Kuma’s Rage Art

Type 38 Eradication Weapon: Aramaki

Tekken 8 - Kuma Mid Rage Art

Kuma’s Rage Art, “Type 38 Eradication Weapon: Aramaki,” showcases his fishy prowess. Launching opponents into the air, the fish transforms into a rocket, delivering a fiery explosion. Master the execution and timing of this visually stunning move to turn the tide of battles.

All The Complex Mechanics Of A Bear

Kuma Has Stances, A Sonic Spin-Dash, & So Much More

Tekken 8 - Kuma Guide Header Image-1

Explore Kuma’s diverse set of stances, including Hunting Bear Stance, Sitting Bear, and Rolling Bear. While not as central to his viability as some characters’ stances, Kuma’s mix-ups and hilarious options arise from these stances, adding depth to his gameplay.

The Starter Pack Of Tips For Playing Kuma

You’ll Need To Know How To Hunt, Roll, & Even Sit To Master Kuma

Tekken 8 - Kuma Holding A Huge Fish

Kuma requires commitment and a touch of absurdity. As you climb the ranks, opponents may become familiar with Kuma’s gimmicks, posing a challenge. Here are some starter tips to navigate the bear’s playstyle:

  1. Hunting Bear Stance Importance: Vital for Kuma’s damage and mix-ups, Hunting Bear Stance (HBS) remains crucial even in Tekken 8.
  2. Leverage Hitbox Differences: Exploit the unique hitboxes of Kuma and Panda, potentially causing opponents to drop combos.
  3. Embrace the Upsetting Style: Kuma’s animations and attacks are designed to unsettle opponents. Use their discomfort to your advantage.
  4. Unleash the Power of Heat Rush: Activate Heat Rush for additional options, including Wind Bear Fist and faster charging of certain moves.
  5. Avoid Overusing Gimmicks: While tempting, excessive use of Kuma’s gimmicks can lead to predictability. Mix up your approach to keep opponents on their toes.

Despite the challenge, Kuma’s unconventional playstyle promises a thrilling and entertaining experience. Dive into the absurdity, practice, and watch as you become a formidable force, taking opponents for a wild ride with Kuma in Tekken 8.

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