Tekken 8: Jin Easy Guide

Ah, Tekken 8, where the legends clash, and the stakes are higher than my caffeine intake before a gaming marathon! Brace yourselves, warriors, ’cause we’re diving into the realm of Jin Kazama, the not-so-average Joe of the Tekken universe. Get ready to unleash the beast within and dominate the ring with my guide – it’s your ticket to mastering The Dark Awakens story and climbing those online Ranked Match ranks like a boss!

Style Overview – Jin, The Lightning of Fate

Jin’s like the cool kid at the fighting game party – family style in karate, keeping it simple yet deadly. Cross-kicks, left-right punches – it’s all in his arsenal. Perfect for noobs and pros alike, helping you understand the nitty-gritty before tackling the real brain-busting characters. But wait, there’s more! Jin can tap into Devil Jin mode, unleashing demon energy on unsuspecting foes. Sneaky, right?

Tips and Tricks for Jin’s Style

  • Alternate for power, duplicate for speed: Mix it up, my friends! Fast combos? Repeat those inputs. Feeling feisty? Alternate sides and limbs for some punishing combos. Keep ’em guessing!
  • No finesse needed: Don’t stress about mastering every stance. Jin’s got some mean normal moves – jabs, crosses, kicks. Power crush attacks like Corpse Thrust work wonders. Keep pounding until victory is yours!
  • Use Heat Gauge wisely: You get one shot per round, so don’t be shy with that Heat activation. Jin’s got a whole stance waiting once Heat is engaged. Experiment, learn the combos, and watch your enemies crumble.

Jin’s Move List

Jin’s got a repertoire that’ll make your head spin – 109 techniques to be exact. Stances, demon power, and moves that’ll leave your opponents questioning their life choices. Brace yourselves, fighters!

Hellfire Trespass SlayerA five-hit combo that sends enemies soaring, ending with a demon energy-powered downward strike.Heat Input OR RP + LK
Hellfire Darkside SlayerA faster variant of the Hellfire Slayer, packing a forceful thrust kick to send enemies flying back.Heat Input, RK OR RP + LK, RK
Median Line DestructionRapid mid-strike jab combo that propels enemies backward, activating Heat Dash if Heat is available.LP + RP
Tanden Nidan-uchiA thrust kick followed by a powered cross, knocking enemies back. Activates Heat Dash if available.Forward + LK, LP
Right Spinning Axe KickForward spin into a fast yet potent head kick, activating Heat Dash if available.Down-Forward + RK
Demon’s PawA powerful gut punch, throwing enemies back and activating Heat if available.Forward, Forward (Hold) + RP
Fiendish ClawSweeping high strike from Zanshin, empowered by demon energy. Activates Heat if available.Back + LK + RK (Zanshin), RP
Awakened Power StanceConsumes Heat to exert demon energy briefly, breaking guards and knocking enemies back. Opens new lines of attack.Down-Back + LP + RP
Awakened Thunder God FistRising uppercut powered by demon energy, sending enemies flying back. Performed from Awakened Power Stance.(Awakened Power Stance), LP
Awakened Wind God FistFast uppercut launching enemies upward for juggle combos. Performed from Awakened Power Stance.(Awakened Power Stance), RP
Awakened Demon’s HoofJump and stomp down on the enemy, continuing ground juggle combos. Performed from Awakened Power Stance.(Awakened Power Stance), LK
Awakened Demon’s TailFeint high, drop to the ground, and strike with a far-reaching low kick, knocking enemies down. Performed from Awakened Power Stance.(Awakened Power Stance), Down-Forward (Hold) + LK
Awakened Spinning DemonSpinning combo using charged kicks to devastate enemies. Start by knocking the enemy down with Awakened Power Stance, then juggle with a low-high kick combo.(Awakened Power Stance), RK, RK

Combos for Jin Kazama

Basic Combo: Left Right Combo + Left Jab > Double Low + Over the Shoulder Reverse

A jab-cross-jab combo followed by two quick low strikes. Pause before executing Left Jab to avoid accidental Black Wing Rondo. Grab ’em and throw ’em down for some ground juggle action.

Input: LP, RP, , LP, LK, RK, RP + RK

Advanced Combo: Double Lift Kick + Fiendish Rend + Scourge + Spinning Flare Kick + Handspring Kick

Precision and speed! Launch with a powerful kick, catch midair with Fiendish Rend, swipe low as they hit the ground, flip forward, and unleash chaos. Follow up for maximum devastation.

Input: Down + LK + RK, Down-Forward + RP, Down + RP, [Quickly RK, LK], LK + RK

Perfect Combo: Left Right > Black Wing Rondo + Left Kick + Zanshin + Corpse Crusher + Shun Masatsu + Savage Sword + Heat Burst + Hellfire Trespass Slayer

Jab combo into mid-air juggle, transition to Zanshin, Corpse Crusher, Shun Masatsu, Savage Sword – then unleash the Devil with Heat Burst and Hellfire Trespass Slayer for the grand finale.

Input: LP, RP, LP, LK, Back + LK + RK, RK, Back + RP, LP, Down-Back + RP, RP, LK, Heat Input OR LK + RK, Heat Input OR LK + RK

How To Win

To own the ring with Jin, you’ve gotta master the art of parries

. Back + LP + LK before the enemy strike lands – turn the tables and leave ’em scratching their heads. And don’t forget to control the demon within – Awakened Power Stance and Heat Gauge combos are your ticket to destruction!

Countering Jin

Jin’s a jack-of-all-trades, but he’s not invincible. Fighters with quick moves and throws can give him a run for his money. Victor Chevalier’s rapid knife combos and Iai Stance are particularly troublesome for Jin. Grapplers like King or Panda can toss Jin around, disrupting his parries. Watch out for Azucena too – her counters and dodges can leave Jin in the dust.

So, there you have it, fellow warriors! Jin Kazama – a force to be reckoned with.

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