Tekken 8 better than expected, Blue Protocol disappoints: Bandai Namco loses 21 billion yen

Reporter Takashi Mochizuki previews part of the financial results that emerged from Bandai Namco’s latest conference call with shareholders. A not entirely positive picture emerges but there are nevertheless interesting signals coming especially from Tekken 8 .

The financial results of the Japanese company are judged to be negative overall due above all to a substantial loss of 21 billion yen attributed in particular to a game that did not reach expected sales expectations, mentioning in particular Blue Protocol , still not available in the West .

As for Tekken 8 , released on January 26, the game appears to have already sold two million copies, recording commercial performance ” better than we had hoped for at this point. “

For Tekken 8 this is certainly a good result , achieved in just under two weeks, certainly a rocket start, we’ll see if the fighting game will maintain a certain consistency in terms of long-term sales.

The results of Blue Protocol below expectations could depend on the failure to publish the game on Western markets , Blue Protocol is expected in Europe and the United States for a generic 2024 while in Japan it was released last summer apparently without too much fanfare. Will it be better in our area?

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