Superman: Legacy Won’t Feature a Major Justice Leaguer, Confirms James Gunn

So, a curious fan took to Threads (yes, that social media platform we all love) to ask Gunn why Batman won’t be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Superman and crew in Legacy. Gunn, being the straight shooter he is, dropped the truth bomb – it’s simply because “he’s not in the script.” No cryptic messages, no Bat-signals, just a straightforward answer.

Now, let’s not get our capes in a twist. The Bat is expected to swoop into the DCU in his solo venture, The Brave and the Bold, helmed by Andy Muschietti (the one who brought us The Flash). So, while Legacy won’t have the iconic Batfleck, it’s not all doom and gloom. We’ll still get our superhero fix with the likes of Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Mister Terrific, Metamorpho, and The Engineer joining the party.

As for the leading man, David Corenswet dons the red cape as our Superman, with an ensemble cast including Rachel Brosnahan, Nicholas Hoult, Skyler Gisondo, and Sara Sampaio. Exciting, right? But wait, there’s more!

Legacy Reportedly Features a Supergirl Cameo

Hold onto your popcorn, folks! While Gunn hasn’t confirmed it, the grapevine whispers about a Supergirl cameo in Legacy. Milly Alcock and Meg Donnelly are vying for the role, and the lucky one will make her mark in Legacy before soaring into her own solo adventure, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. Ana Nogueira’s penning that one, and we’re in for a treat.

The Brave and the Bold Will Bring Batman to the DCU

Now, here’s the scoop on the Caped Crusader. After Ben Affleck’s farewell in The Flash, Batman gets a rebirth in The Brave and the Bold. Drawing inspiration from Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert’s comic arc “Batman and Son,” we’re in for a family drama with Bruce Wayne and his son Damian. Casting secrets are still under wraps, but oh, the anticipation!

So, mark your calendars, my fellow movie fanatics! Superman: Legacy hits theaters on July 11, 2025, and The Brave and the Bold is lurking in the shadows, waiting to bring Batman back into the DCU fray. The superhero saga continues, and we’re just getting started!

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