Spider-Man 2 New Game Plus, explained

If you’ve already completed the exhilarating campaign of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and are eager to relive the experience, the New Game Plus feature is just what you need. Here’s everything you need to know about this mode and the advantages it offers.

What is New Game Plus in Spider-Man 2?

Added via an update on March 7, New Game Plus mode allows you to play through Spider-Man 2 from the start with all the items and abilities you unlocked in your previous playthroughs intact.

Essentially, every suit and ability you earned while leveling up and progressing through the campaign will be available for you to use when you start New Game Plus mode—even if you’re at level zero.

It’s easy to see why New Game Plus was highly requested after Spider-Man 2 launched without it last year. Whether you want to replay your favorite missions or take down early enemies with advanced abilities, this mode gives you the freedom to fully leverage your accumulated powers.

How to Unlock and Start New Game Plus in Spider-Man 2

To unlock New Game Plus in Spider-Man 2, you must first complete the main campaign. You don’t need to finish side missions; just defeat the final boss. Once the campaign is completed, follow these steps to start a New Game Plus:

  • Check your save slots and look for a message congratulating you on completing the main story.
  • Look at your list of saves. The ones with an orange glow are eligible for New Game Plus mode.
  • Select the eligible game you want to continue in New Game Plus. Ensure you have an empty slot for New Game Plus, or it will replace the original save.

Spider-Man 2’s original level cap was 60, but with New Game Plus, you can surpass this limit. Each New Game Plus level is called an Ultimate Level, and with the new progression, you unlock new Symbiote suit styles. Additionally, you can upgrade your equipment to feature golden hues and unlock both perks in a shared Suit Tech slot.

Finally, the update also adds a new Silver trophy for players to earn upon completing the story in New Game Plus.

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