Skull and Bones | Where to find Kaa Mangrove

You won’t find a pirate content with their current setup, especially when it comes to upgrading your ship in Skull and Bones with the most coveted blueprints, such as those requiring a visit to Kaa Mangrove.

After spending considerable time crafting at the various stations in Sainte-Anne, you’ll realize that many essential blueprints necessitate a trip to Kaa Mangrove, with only a vague clue indicating its location on the Coast of Africa.

Whether you feel your ship is too small, have specific armaments in mind, or are simply hunting for treasure, a visit to Kaa Mangrove is essential.

Kaa Mangrove Location in Skull and Bones

Situated in the southwestern expanse of the Skull and Bones map, Kaa Mangrove lies on the southern edge of the Coast of Africa, nestled between La Corde Weaver and the Compagnie Royale settlement, La Colonie.

The simplest route from Sainte-Anne is to traverse the river through the Red Isle until reaching the Tanjona Settlement. From there, head directly west across the Reef Sea until encountering La Corde Weaver. Kaa Mangrove awaits just to the east along the inland-bound river. Once discovered, you can fast-travel to and from Kaa Mangrove at a cost in Silver.

Kaa Mangrove Blueprints and Treasure Location in Skull and Bones

At Kaa Mangrove, approach the Corrupt Compagnie Officer on the beach. He offers various blueprints and limited supplies:

NameBlueprint TypeCost in Silver
Torpedo CrateAmmunition Crate220
La Forteresse IShip Armor840
Restoration KitMending Kit1,230
Torpedo GrinderFurniture1,290
Kallinikos Flame IIShip Weapon6,100

The Barge, also known as the Firebrand, is particularly sought after by DPS players for its stern weapon spot and enhanced power with fire-based weaponry.

While at Kaa Mangrove, you can also unearth treasure. Follow the path to the right deeper into the mangrove until an orange beacon illuminates the sand, indicating a dig site for treasure.

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