Skull and Bones | Sunken Goldmine Location

Skull and Bones boasts numerous outposts and points of interest, which might overwhelm newcomers lacking map familiarity. Here, I’ll address the whereabouts of the Sunken Goldmine in Skull and Bones.

Where is the location of the Sunken Goldmine

The Sunken Goldmine outpost is situated in the western expanse of the map, specifically within the Coast Africa region. It stands quite distant from the Saint-Anne starting point, and approaching it risks encountering formidable adversaries aboard high-level ships.

While journeying to this outpost, vigilance becomes paramount, as aggressive high-level players may attempt to deter your progress. I advise employing only the second maximum speed setting of your vessel when navigating toward the Sunken Goldmine and conserving stamina solely for evading potential threats.

Should you opt to brave the enemy’s blockade, crafting the Defender ship becomes an option, enhancing your capacity to withstand considerable damage in combat. However, be prepared for a significant reduction in traversal speed. This ship serves as a viable compromise if seeking a reliable means to gather materials en route.

All POIs in Sunken Goldmine Outpost

Upon reaching the Sunken Goldmine outpost, several NPCs await, offering quests and furnishing high-quality blueprints for ship upgrades. Here are all the Points of Interest (POIs) within the Sunken Goldmine outpost:

  • Overseas Smuggler
  • Ungwana Merchant
  • Pirate’s Bonfire
  • Cookery
  • Cache

Though accessing the Sunken Goldmine outpost may prove challenging, the rewards justify the added exertion, particularly considering the ability to fast-travel back once attaining a higher level, facilitating the purchase and utilization of blueprints sold by the merchant.

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