Skull and Bones | How to get pieces of eight

In Skull and Bones’ economy, pieces of eight are highly sought-after currency used to procure illicit goods. As players navigate treacherous waters, these coins become essential for their pirate ventures, enabling the acquisition of powerful assets like weapon blueprints capable of shifting the tide of battle.

Accumulating pieces of eight in Skull and Bones establishes players as formidable contenders on the competitive seas. However, obtaining this currency isn’t as simple as plundering a ship. Currently in its open beta phase, players can only obtain pieces of eight through Hostile Takeovers and Legendary Heists, activities that will be available once the game is fully released.

Can you get pieces of eight in Skull and Bones open beta?

Pieces of eight hold significant importance in Skull and Bones’ endgame. Despite the open beta’s level cap at 6, temporarily limiting access to pieces of eight, their value remains high on every pirate’s priority list. While access to the currency and its associated upgrades may seem distant for now, there are strategies to gain an advantage over fellow pirates in the race for pieces of eight.

How can I get ahead in the open beta to acquire pieces of eight later in Skull and Bones?

To gain an early advantage in obtaining pieces of eight during Skull and Bones’ open beta, focus on seizing control of manufacturers through Hostile Takeovers. This PvPvE event requires fending off other players and NPCs to claim ownership of a manufacturer. Initially serving as valuable resources for ship construction and crafting, these outposts can eventually provide a steady stream of the coveted black-market currency as you progress.

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