Skull and Bones | How to change appearance

At the outset of Skull and Bones, you won’t have proper attire, but as you progress as a pirate, you’ll gain the ability to alter your outfit and appearance.

During the pirate era, clothing and appearance held less significance than they do today. A pirate’s reputation relied more on sword-fighting prowess and alcohol tolerance than on fancy attire.

However, not everyone settled for rags and torn cloth; nicer pirate clothing was available, as it is in Skull and Bones. So, if you’re seeking a more eye-catching ensemble or a complete makeover, here’s how.

How to change clothes and appearance in Skull and Bones

To unlock the ability to customize your outfit and adjust your character’s appearance in Skull and Bones, visit the Vanity Atelier shop in Sainte-Anne. This becomes accessible after completing the tutorial and conversing with the Captain.

Initially, after the intense opening naval battle in Skull and Bones, you can select your character’s facial model, eye color, and some basic customization features. However, for more extensive changes, the Vanity Atelier Shop provides the means.

If you’re eager to ditch your worn-out attire, be prepared to spend money on unlocking new outfits. Alternatively, completing contracts may reward you with new clothing options.

Skull and Bones harbors numerous other hidden details, such as how to equip cannons on your ship, acquire Fine Hemp, or locate the Sea People Relic.

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