Skull and Bones | Firebrand Barge Ship blueprint location

The Firebrand Barge stands out as one of the most potent DPS ships in the Skull and Bones beta, securing it now ensures a strategic advantage for the full game launch on Feb. 16.

Obtaining this ship isn’t about gathering crafting materials; it’s about securing the blueprint necessary for crafting. Here’s how to locate the Firebrand Barge Ship blueprint in Skull and Bones.

Where to get the Firebrand Barge blueprint

Upon reaching the Infamy tier of Buccaneer, the Shipwright in Saint-Anne tantalizes you with the prospect of new ships, contingent upon acquiring their blueprints first. Although he claims knowledge of their whereabouts, all he offers are hints, leaving you to uncover the rest.

The Shipwright hints that the Corrupt Compagnie Officer in Kaa Mangrove possesses the blueprints for the Firebrand Barge ship. Yet, without prior knowledge of Kaa Mangrove’s location, this hint remains impractical. Additionally, his mention of Kaa Mangrove being in the Coast of Africa proves misleading.

How to find Kaa Mangrove

While the game suggests searching northwest of Saint-Anne for the Coast of Africa, the reality is that Kaa Mangrove lies directly west and slightly south of Saint-Anne, adjacent to Sultani Island. Positioned west of the Reef Sea and notably south of the Coast of Africa, it’s still technically part of the coastline, albeit misleadingly so.

Upon arrival, seek out the Corrupt Compagnie Officer—the Shipwright’s truth-telling extends to this aspect. Conveniently situated to the right upon disembarking at Kaa Mangrove, his conspicuous attire, featuring bright orange pants and a blue naval jacket, makes him unmistakable.

How to craft the Firebrand Barge ship

Crafting the Firebrand presents a challenging endeavor in Skull and Bones. Initially, you’ll need 4950 Silver to acquire the ship’s blueprint from the Corrupt Compagnie Officer (indeed corrupt). Accumulating this sum should prove manageable, particularly if you’re focused on commodity farming for income.

Upon procuring the blueprints, return to the Shipwright in Saint-Anne to commence crafting your Firebrand. However, you’ll also require:

If you utilize the Codex to meticulously track each ingredient, crafting your sleek new Firebrand ship should be achievable following a brief foray into terrorizing trade routes. Happy hunting!

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