Skull and Bones | Cutthroat Secrets mission guide

Cutthroat Secrets represents an early primary mission in Skull and Bones, where you’re tasked with locating the Agent’s Stash. The quest item’s whereabouts can be elusive, especially if your map of the western region is incomplete.

In Skull and Bones, most quests highlight significant points of interest, items, or vessels on your map. However, tasks like Cutthroat Secrets offer minimal guidance. If you’re on the hunt for the Agent’s Stash, here’s what you should know.

Where to find the Agent’s Stash in Skull and Bones

The Agent’s Stash is situated at the Sunken Goldmine in the Ziwa Kubwa area, east of Harufu. These locations are part of the Coast of Africa region, extending to the far west of the map. Ships typically range from levels four to nine here, creating a relatively safe zone, especially if you’ve completed Scurlock’s quests along the Red Isle.

Upon reaching the Sunken Goldmine, ascend along the path until you spot the pirate’s bonfire. Navigate through the small pirate encampment, where you’ll notice a rock adorned with a white hourglass symbol next to a lit torch. The option to retrieve the Agent’s Stash will be near this rock.

Once you secure the Agent’s Stash, your next objective is to root out traitors on the high seas. This entails a brief combat encounter, so it’s wise to outfit your ship with your most potent cannons before departing for the Sunken Goldmine. After dealing with the traitors, return to Scurlock in Sainte-Anne to complete the mission.

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