Sea of Thieves | How to do the Tall Tales in order

Tall Tales are narrative adventures in Sea of Thieves that delve into the legends and perils of the game’s world. With numerous Tall Tales available, it’s essential to know the correct sequence to experience them in and how to initiate each one.

Sea of Thieves Tall Tales Sequence

Navigating the order of Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves can be perplexing, as the game’s menus present differing arrangements. Neither the list in the Reputation tab nor the one on the quest table provides the correct sequence. If you’re unsure where to commence or which Tall Tale to pursue next, here’s the chronological order of all campaigns in Sea of Thieves:

The Shores of Gold campaign (Tall Tales 3-6 can be played in any order):

  • The Shroudbreaker
  • The Cursed Rogue
  • The Legendary Storyteller
  • Stars of a Thief
  • Wild Rose
  • Art of the Trickster
  • The Fate of the Morningstar
  • Revenge of the Morningstar
  • Shores of Gold

The Ashen Age campaign:

  • The Seabound Soul
  • Heart of Fire

A Pirate’s Life campaign:

  • A Pirate’s Life
  • The Sunken Pearl
  • Captains of the Damned
  • Dark Brethren
  • Lord of the Sea

The Legend of Monkey Island campaign:

  • The Journey to Melee Island
  • The Quest for Guybrush
  • The Lair of LeChuck

While these campaigns are not interconnected in terms of story, you should adhere to the sequence of Tall Tales within each campaign. If you’re new to Tall Tales, it’s advisable to start with The Shores of Gold and The Ashen Age, as they provide original Sea of Thieves narratives that enrich the game’s lore.

A Pirate’s Life and The Legend of Monkey Island are enjoyable adventures, yet they have minimal ties to the Sea of Thieves universe. These campaigns serve as standalone experiences you can undertake whenever you desire.

Initiating Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves

Once you’ve selected the Tall Tale to embark on, you can commence it from the quest table on your ship. Interact with the quest table, navigate to the Tall Tales tab, choose the desired campaign and Tall Tale, then click start. From there, set sail to your destination or utilize the fast-travel feature to swiftly begin your next adventure.

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