Rise of the Ronin is not released in South Korea | no censorship

In recent days there has been talk of the alleged cancellation of Rise of the Ronin in South Korea , Sony would have decided not to publish the game in this territory presumably due to some statements by Game Director Fumihiko Yasuda that the company would not have liked.

Specifically, Yasuda would have exalted the figure of Yoshida Shoin , an intellectual and scholar who supported the Jeonghan theory which saw Japan becoming a dominant country through the forced occupation of neighboring countries, including Korea.

For this reason, Sony is said to have canceled the release of Rise of the Ronin in South Korea . But are things really like this? No, according to the publisher, who in a note released via the pages of IGN.com states that ” Rise of the Ronin has never been announced for publication in Korea. We can confirm that the game will not be sold in South Korea in any form, physical or digital. We have no plans to release this title in the country. “

No censorship and no controversy therefore , with the publication of Rise of the Ronin not planned from the beginning in South Korea. However, IGN cites the Indonesian PlayStation Store where the game appears for pre-order with support for the Korean language as well as the PlayStation Blog South Korean cited Rise of the Ronin among the games announced in a 2022 State of Play.

Rise of the Ronin is expected exclusively on PlayStation 5 from March 22nd.

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