Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – All Map And Fast Travel Locations

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, where the expansive world might leave players bewildered without a guide. Ubisoft introduces a crucial navigational tool – the map. However, obtaining it requires an encounter with an NPC named Fariba, who holds the key to unraveling the game’s intricate geography. This comprehensive guide unveils the locations of Fariba and the maps she provides across the diverse regions of The Lost Crown.

Lower City Map And Fast Travel Locations

Lower City Map
  • Locate Fariba near the big statue in the Lower City.
  • Two fast travel locations in the Lower City.

Hyrcanian Forest Map Location

Hyrcanian Forest Map
  • Purchase the Hyrcanian Forest map from Fariba, situated on top of a small ruin.

The Depths Map And Fast Travel Locations

The Depths Map
  • Access Fariba in the Depths using the Shadow of the Simurgh.
  • Three fast travel points in The Depths: Scrapper’s Hideout, Shallows, and Catacombs.

Sacred Archives Map And Fast Travel Locations

Sacred Archives Map
  • Use Clairvoyance to reach Fariba in the Sacred Archives.
  • Fast travel points in Sacred Archives and Temple of Knowledge.

Temple Of Knowledge Map Location

Temple Of Knowledge Map
  • Discover the Temple of Knowledge map using Clairvoyance near the Wak-Wak Tree.

Catacombs Map Location

Catacombs Map
  • Find Fariba in the Catacombs after defeating the worm-like enemy.

Soma Tree Map And Fast Travel Locations

Soma Tree Map
  • Obtain the Soma Tree map from Fariba near the Wak-Wak Tree.
  • Three fast travel points: Soma Tree, Brambles Tower, and Forest Ruins.

Sunken Harbor Map And Fast Travel Locations

Sunken Harbor Map
  • Reach Fariba in the Sunken Harbor by activating a platform with the Chakram.
  • Two fast travel points: Pirate Village and Land Mines.

Pit Of Eternal Sands Map And Fast Travel Locations

Pit Of Eternal Sands Map
  • Find Fariba near the Sentinel’s Road fast-travel point.
  • Two fast travel points: Sentinel’s Road and Sealed Lair.

Raging Sea Map And Fast Travel Locations

Raging Sea Map
  • Ascend the Wak-Wak Tree to meet Fariba for the Raging Sea map.
  • Two fast travel points: Holds and Galleon.

Upper City Map And Fast Travel Locations

Upper City Map
  • Reach Fariba in the Upper City after climbing up and heading right.
  • Five fast travel points: Day Temple, Night Temple, Hanging Gardens, The Clockwork, and Royal Corridors.

Tower Of Silence Map And Fast Travel Location

Tower Of Silence Map
  • Obtain the Tower of Silence map from Fariba by reaching a specific spot on the map.
  • One fast travel point: Tomb Entrance.

The Lighthouse Map Location

The Lighthouse Map
  • Fast travel to the Soma Tree point and locate Fariba to acquire The Lighthouse map.

Old Royal Road Map Location

Old Royal Road Map
  • Reach Fariba in the Old Royal Road by double-jumping to a pole and using the Chakram’s teleportation power.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown armed with these valuable maps to navigate the intricate landscapes and unlock the mysteries that await. Fariba’s assistance proves invaluable in unraveling the secrets of this expansive world.

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