Precious Hand Weakness in Persona 3 Reload

Precious Hand is a rare Shadow found in the Tartarus Arqa zone in Persona 3 Reload. It tends to flee from battles, so it’s crucial to defeat it quickly. To prevent its escape, target its weak points right from the start to stun it. Let’s explore how to exploit Precious Hand’s weakness and defeat it effectively.

How To Beat Precious Hand in Persona 3 Reload

To defeat Precious Hand, use Dark elemental attacks or Eiga skills, its weaknesses. The protagonist’s initial Persona, Orpheus, lacks this ability, so you’ll need another Persona or a Skill Card to access it.

Here are Precious Hand’s weaknesses and resistances:

  • Weakness: Dark
  • Resist: None
  • Repel: None
  • Null: None

Koromaru is the only team member with Dark magic, but he joins SEES later in the game. Until then, you’ll need alternative strategies.

Precious Hand evades Physical attacks easily. To counter this, use Sukunda to lower its evasion.

Exploit its weakness to knock Precious Hand out, then perform an All-Out Attack for massive damage. Beware of accompanying regular Shadows and stun them before executing the attack.

You typically have two turns to defeat Precious Hand before it flees. Utilize sneak attacks for an advantage, allowing your team to strike first and exploit its weakness. If the protagonist isn’t first, use an Elemental Gem for a magical assault.

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