Pokemon Unite Build Guide: Meowscarada

Hey gamers! Today, let’s dive into the fast and fur-ious world of Meowscarada in Pokemon Unite. This sly Speedster has gone through some tweaks, and now, it’s ready to pounce into action with a style that demands skill and finesse.

When to Pick Meowscarada

Meowscarada isn’t your average Pokemon – it thrives when teamed up with tanky Defenders or attention-grabbing allies like Blastoise and Espeon. Picture this: allies creating space, enemies scattering, and you, the agile Meowscarada, seizing the opportunity.

A Supporter like Hoopa? Oh, that’s the secret sauce! Not only does it heal, but it also grants a speedy getaway. Meowscarada, meet your ticket to survival.

Meowscarada: Flower Trick Build

Let’s talk Flower Trick – a detonation-based attack that’s a game-changer. Weakening your target before unleashing it is the trick, as the explosion’s damage is a whopping 15 percent of the target’s missing HP.

Why choose Flower Trick over Night Slash, you ask? It’s like Mewtwo Y’s Future Sight, versatile and deadly from a distance. Pair it up with Trailblaze for aggressive plays or Double Team for elusive maneuvers that leave opponents scratching their heads.

Meowscarada: Night Slash Build

Night Slash, the relentless wave of slashes that demands constant engagement. Hit marked targets, recover HP, and increase critical hit rate by 50 percent. Now, that’s a combo!

Choose Trailblaze for constant pressure, ensuring Meowscarada dances around foes like a ninja. It’s high-risk, high-reward, but pick your spots wisely, and you’ll be the star of the battlefield.

Which Items Are Best For Meowscarada?

Held Items

Attack Weight for stacking damage, Charging Charm to boost Attack against a single opponent, and Razor Claw for that assassin touch – slowing enemies and dealing extra damage after your killer moves. Meowscarada, the agile assassin, is now armed to the teeth.

Battle Items

Eject Button for those quick escapes and Unite Move redirections. Full Heal, a strategic choice to break free from crowd control, and Shedinja Doll for turning the tables when grabbed by the likes of Mewtwo X.

And there you have it, fellow trainers! Meowscarada, the agile marvel, ready to weave through battles with grace and precision.

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