Pokemon GO: How To Get Varoom And Revavroom

Hey fellow Pokemon trainers, buckle up because we’ve got the lowdown on the latest additions to the Pokemon GO squad – Varoom and Revavroom. Niantic dropped these bad boys during the Taken Treasures 2024 event, and let me tell you, the hunt is on!

How To Get Varoom In Pokemon GO

Varoom, the Steel and Poison-type powerhouse from Paldea, is no slouch. With a max CP of 1287 and moves like Lick, Poison Jab, Gunk Shot, Gyro Ball, and Acid Spray in its arsenal, this monster means business. So, how do you catch this elusive creature?

Get Varoom Through 12 KM Eggs In Pokemon GO

Hold your Pokeballs, trainers, because Varoom is an exclusive 12 KM Egg hatch. Yeah, I know, RNG can be a pain, but that’s the game we play. Hatch multiple 12 KM Eggs, use Super Incubators, and take advantage of those sweet event bonuses to increase your chances.

How To Get Revavroom In Pokemon GO

Now, Revavroom doesn’t play by the egg-hatching rules. You’ve got to earn this beast by evolving Varoom. It’s a two-step dance – hatch Varoom first (refer to the previous section), then evolve it into Revavroom with 50 Candy. Easy, right?

Can Varoom And Revavroom Be Shiny In Pokemon GO

Now, for the shiny enthusiasts out there, I’ve got news. While Varoom and Revavroom flaunted their standard variants during the Taken Treasures 2024 event, the shiny versions are playing hide and seek. As of now, no shiny sparkle, my friends. But hold onto your Pokedex because Niantic might just throw a shiny party in future events.

So, there you have it, the 411 on Varoom and Revavroom. Get those incubators whirring, evolve like a pro, and keep your eyes peeled for the shiny fireworks.

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