Pokemon GO: How To Get Shiny Therian Forme Landorus

Pokemon GO enthusiasts are gearing up for another encounter with Therian Form Landorus in 5-star raids, and the buzz is all about acquiring the elusive shiny variant of this majestic Pokemon. For those eager to add a touch of rarity to their Pokemon collection, here’s a guide on how to secure the coveted Shiny Therian Forme Landorus.

How To Get Shiny Therian Forme Landorus In Pokemon GO

Shiny Availability

Shiny Therian Forme Landorus is indeed available in Pokemon GO, but it wasn’t present at its debut. The shiny variant made its debut in 2022 alongside shiny versions of Therian Forme Thundurus and Therian Forme Tornadus. As Therian Forme Landorus takes center stage in 5-star raids, trainers have a chance to encounter its shiny form upon successful defeat. With odds of 1 in 20 for encountering a shiny in five-star raids, the pursuit of the shiny variant is an exciting challenge.

Raid Preparation

To increase your chances of obtaining a shiny Therian Forme Landorus, active participation in as many 5-star raids as possible is key. Conquering this formidable Pokemon requires strategic preparation, as it possesses a type matchup advantage. To overcome its strengths, trainers should assemble a team armed with powerful Ice and Water-type moves, the only weaknesses of Therian Forme Landorus. Collaboration with multiple trainers is advisable to tackle the raid efficiently.

Tactics for Raid Success

In the realm of five-star raids, exploiting weaknesses alone is insufficient. Trainers should optimize their strategy by leveraging the Same-Type-Attack-Bonus (STAB). Ensure not only the use of water and ice-type attacks but also deploy Pokemon of these types to maximize damage against Therian Forme Landorus. Team coordination and thoughtful execution of attacks play a crucial role in securing victory.

Dispelling Common Misconceptions

A prevalent misconception revolves around the idea that catching a high volume of Pokemon increases the likelihood of encountering a shiny variant due to a pity system. However, Pokemon GO does not employ such a system. Shiny odds reset with each encounter, making it possible for trainers to catch numerous Therian Forme Landorus without securing its shiny variant.

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