Pokemon Go | How To Beat Sierra (2024)

During February 2024, Pokemon Go’s Team Go Rocket Sierra is endeavoring to tighten her grip on the Pokestops of your AR world with her fresh Tentacool team. However, she’s not forsaking her Sableye from the previous month just yet, as you might encounter this Dark-/Ghost-type Darkness fiend, along with Milotic or Honchkrow. Confronting Sierra in February 2024 will culminate in a battle against Houndoom, Victreebel, or Alakazam, three formidable opponents if you lack the appropriate counters.

Best Counters for Sierra in February 2024

PokemonWeaknessesBest Counters & Movesets for Sierra in February 2024
SableyeFairyGardevoir – Fast Move: Charm

My recommended trio to defeat February 2024 Sierra in Pokemon Go would be:

  • Magnezone: Spark and Wild Charge
  • Togekiss: Charm and Dazzling Gleam
  • Espeon: Confusion and Psychic

You can, of course, substitute this trio with other powerful or Legendary Pokemon of your choice. However, the core concept is to leverage the three elements: Electric, Fairy, and Psychic.

Your Electric choice can handle Tentacool, Milotic, and Honchkrow, while Sableye and Honchkrow share a weakness with your Fairy-type counter. Finally, Victreebel and Tentacool are vulnerable to Psychic-type Moves. Nonetheless, if you’re concerned about facing Houndoom or Alakazam, Rampardos or Hydreigon, respectively, are solid alternatives (personally, I’d opt for Hydreigon).

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