Pokemon Go | How To Beat Giovanni (2024)

You’ve vanquished all three Rocket Go Leaders; now, the ultimate test awaits to seize your Legendary prize — defeating Giovanni. While questioning why a man in his forties would dedicate himself to seizing Pokestops is up for debate, obtaining the Kyogre as your reward for thwarting this threat makes the endeavor truly worthwhile.

However, to emerge triumphant against Pokemon Go’s Team Go Rocket Boss in February 2024, you must strategize on how to tackle Giovanni’s Persian, along with his Nidoking, Rhyperior, or Garchomp

Best Counters for Giovanni in February 2024

PokemonWeaknessesBest Counters & Movesets for Giovanni in January 2024
PersianFightingTerrakion – Fast Move: Double Kick | Charge Move: Sacred SwordMachamp – Fast Move: Counter | Charge Move: Dynamic PunchConkeldurr – Fast Move: Counter | Charge Move: Dynamic Punch
NidokingGround | Water | Psychic | IceMewtwo – Fast Move: Confusion | Charge Move: PsystrikeMamoswine – Fast Move: Powder Snow | Charge Move: AvalancheGardevoir – Fast Move: Confusion | Charge Move: Psychic
RhyperiorWater & Grass (2.65x DMG) | Fighting | Ground | Steel | IceSwampert – Fast Move: Water Gun| Charge Move: Hydro CannonGreninja – Fast Move: Water Shuriken | Charge Move: Hydro CannonSamurott – Fast Move: Waterfall | Charge Move: Hydro Cannon
GarchompIce (2.65x DMG) | Dragon | FairyMamoswine – Fast Move: Powder Snow | Charge Move: AvalancheGalarian Darmanitan – Fast Move: Ice Fang | Charge Move: AvalancheGlaceon – Fast Move: Ice Shard | Charge Move: Avalanche
KyogreGrass | ElectricRoserade – Fast Move: Magical Leaf | Charge Move: Grass KnotElectivire – Fast Move: Thunder Shock | Charge Move: Wild ChargeKartana – Fast Move: Razor Leaf | Charge Move: Leaf Blade

Here’s the optimal Pokemon Go team you can assemble to confront Giovanni in February 2024:

  • Machamp: Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Mamoswine: Powder Snow and Avalanche
  • Roserade: Magical Leaf and Grass Knot

Having a Fighting-type counter for Persian is imperative given Giovanni’s lineup. You can substitute Machamp with Terrakion if you have captured that Legendary. Mamoswine plays a pivotal role in combating Nidoking, Rhyperior, or Garchomp. If you lack this Twin Tusk Pokemon, Swampert serves as an excellent alternative (particularly effective against Rhyperior). Lastly, Ultrabeast Kartana proves to be the ideal choice against Kyogre, with Roserade or Electivire as more budget-friendly options.

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