Pokemon Go | Can Hisuian Decidueye be shiny?

When it comes to catching Pokémon in Pokémon Go, nothing quite matches the thrill of finding a shiny version. These rare, uniquely colored creatures are a real treasure, and you might be curious if you can catch a Shiny Hisuian Decidueye.

Similar to other Hisuian Pokémon that have made appearances in Pokémon Go, Hisuian Decidueye won’t stick around for long. You also can’t evolve it from the standard Rowlet, as it only evolves into the standard Decidueye. This means you must obtain it from special raids and events in the game. With your time limited, understanding your chances of encountering a rare version makes the hunt much more exciting.

Does Hisuian Decidueye have a shiny version in Pokémon Go?

I can confirm that once Hisuian Decidueye debuts in Pokémon Go, its shiny version will be available to catch after defeating it in raids. The odds of encountering a shiny Pokémon are never guaranteed, but knowing there’s a chance it could appear adds to the excitement of the hunt.

Typically, when Niantic introduces a new Pokémon in Pokémon Go, its shiny version is not immediately available. Traditionally, it takes a year or two for this to occur. When the shiny version is released, it’s often tied to an event featuring new Pokémon or alongside other bonuses and rewards. Hisuian Decidueye, along with previous Hisuian Pokémon, is an exception to this trend. This makes pursuing them in raids more appealing, despite the time constraints.

If you miss out on encountering Hisuain Decidueye during its initial debut weekend, anticipate future events where it may appear as a raid encounter. Niantic frequently rotates these events in Pokémon Go, providing additional opportunities to encounter its shiny version. Unless stated otherwise by Niantic, there should always be a chance for you to catch one, with certain events potentially increasing the likelihood of its appearance in shiny form.

After adding a shiny Hisuian Decidueye to your collection, consider which moves you want to teach it. While it may not be the optimal choice for the Pokémon Go Battle League, it can still prove useful in certain Cups, such as those with curated choices like the Evolution Cup. It’s a solid addition to your team for battling Team Rocket or taking on other raids.

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