Persona 3 Reloaded | All Secret URLs and What They Do

Would you place your trust in a person peddling URLs to teenagers at the back of a club? Here’s a breakdown of all the secret URLs and their functions in Persona 3 Reloaded.

All Persona 3 Reloaded URLs and Their Effects

Once you’ve amassed enough Charm to frequent Club Escapade, you’ll encounter a dubious individual lurking in a corner. His merchandise of choice? Peculiar URLs that offer various unusual advantages.

We’ve compiled a list of each URL below, arranged in the order they’re released throughout the calendar year, beginning with the Iwatodai Forum Note. Occasionally, you may receive a text message from the vendor alerting you to new URLs, but it’s advisable to check after each new block in Tartarus yourself. While some URLs, like the School X Site Note, are indispensable for completing Elizabeth’s Requests, others, such as the Iwatodai Forum Note, merely assist in fulfilling a request, though they are not obligatory.

Iwatodai Forum Note500A note with the URL of a message board forum about Iwatodai.Grants access to a site featuring a video on taking down enemies.
School X Site Note500A note with the URL of a familiar site about an anonymous school.Special taiyaki becomes available in the school store. Necessary for one of Elizabeth’s requests.
Revenge Site Note500A note with the URL of a revenge request site that has stirred up a buzz.Increases courage.
Security Site Note5,000A note with the URL of a site featuring video on taking down enemies.Learn how to Ambush in Tartarus.
Assassin Site Note8,000A note with the URL of a site detailing how to fatally strike your enemy.Enhances ambush. Inflict Distress without fail when attacking an enemy from behind.
History Website Note8,000A note with the URL of a site for posting anecdotes of inspiring people.Enhances ambush. After successfully attacking an enemy from behind, your Theurgy gauge will rise.
Veggie Blog Note500A note with the URL of a blog written by devoted vegetable garden lovers.Golden Tomato Sprouts available for purchase at the Port Island Station flower shop.
Ninja Fansite Note12,000A note with the URL of a site that studies ninja skills for greater agility.Enhances ambush. Decreases the time needed to dash before being able to Ambush.
Dating Site Note3,000A note with the URL of a matchmaking site with a prepaid Offering Pass.Increases relationship points with an established bond.

How to Utilize URL Notes

To employ URLs like the Iwatodai Forum Note you acquired, access the shared computer on the ground floor of the Iwatodai Dormitory. It becomes available on April 29th, and using the computer will consume an evening. Once you’re on the computer, simply select the desired URL to activate its benefits immediately.

Where to Find the URL Seller in P3R

To locate the URL vendor, venture to Club Escape in Paulownia Mall. You can only enter the club at night once you’ve elevated your Courage Social Stat to the second tier: Ordinary. The quickest method to boost your Courage and gain access to the URL Seller is by dining at Wilduck Burger during the evenings. Alternatively, you can opt to doze off in class or work at the café to bolster your Courage slightly.

Once inside Club Escapade, proceed to the far back right to locate the Suspicious Man. He’s fairly conspicuous, seated at a table with his laptop. Engage him in conversation to procure some URLs. New URLs will gradually become available for purchase, but he should initially provide you with the Iwatodai Forum Note and School X Site Note.

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