Persona 3 Reload: Yuko (Strength) Social Link Guide

Persona 3 Reload seamlessly combines the dating simulator genre with JRPG elements, featuring Social Links that add depth to the characters. Among these, Yuko Nishiwaki’s Social Link of the Strength Arcana stands out. As the manager of the Track Team you join, unlocking her Social Link requires a bit of effort.

P.S. This guide will remain spoiler-free, focusing solely on providing answers without revealing plot details.

How to Complete Yuko’s Social Link (Strength Arcana) in Persona 3 Reload

Each Social Link allows you to interact with characters outside your main group, offering engaging side stories. Throughout these interactions, you’ll encounter prompts where specific answers can advance the Social Link faster. We’ll provide optimal answers for each rank to streamline your progress.

Important Note: Having a Persona with a matching Arcana in your party can further speed up your Social Link progress. For Yuko’s Social Link, having a Strength Persona will be beneficial.

How to Unlock Yuko’s Social Link in Persona 3 Reload

To initiate Yuko’s Social Link, you first need to unlock the Chariot Social Link. After establishing the Chariot Social Link, Yuko will offer to walk home with you, marking the beginning of her Social Link journey.

Persona 3 Reload: Yuko’s Social Link: Rank 1 -> Rank 2

  • “What happened?”
  • “It wasn’t your fault.”
  • “That’s true.”

Persona 3 Reload: Yuko’s Social Link: Rank 2 -> Rank 3

  • “Don’t worry about it.”
  • “I’m honored.” / “I don’t mind.”

Rank 3 -> Rank 4

Rank 4 -> Rank 5

  • “It’s because you teach so well.”
  • “You shouldn’t change it.”

Rank 5 -> Rank 6

  • “You guys got this.”
  • “As long as we believe in them.”

Rank 6 -> Rank 7

  • “Are you relieved?”
  • “Let’s do it.”

Rank 7 -> Rank 8

  • “A boy.” / “A girl.”

Rank 8 -> Rank 9

  • “An instructor?”
  • “I love you, Yuko.” [To pursue romance] / “Okay, I will.” [To remain friends]

Rank 9 -> Rank 10

From this point onward, your choices won’t affect the Social Link’s progression. Feel free to pick options based on your preference, as you will automatically reach the final rank regardless of your choices.

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