Persona 3 Reload | Where to get Onimaru Kunitsuna

Elizabeth’s 26th request requests you to show her an Onimaru Kunitsuna in Persona 3 Reload, but where can you acquire one? This unusual item is one of several that you may find and obtain a reward from Elizabeth.

If you’re not sure where to look, and you want a great reward for your effort spent hunting for it, here’s how to obtain the Onimaru Kunitsuna.

How to find Onimaru Kunitsuna

This item is a weapon that your main protagonist may use while in Tartarus, but how can you find it? Where you can acquire Onimaru Kunitsuna in Persona 3 Reload is on level 54 in the Arqa Block of Tartarus. You’ll initially unlock this quest on 6/13, and there’s no deadline to accomplish it.

After facing the boss battle that arrives on level 54, you get the ability to unlock several treasures. One of them takes three Twilight Fragments to unlock. If you have enough, you may unlock the chest and acquire the Onimaru Kunitsuna. These Twilight Fragment boxes on boss levels carry the identical things for every player.

This sword is only equipable by your main character, and it’s a rather good weapon given the level you’re at. Luckily, Elizabeth doesn’t have to accept this item, from you, she simply wants to view it. So the next time you encounter her again, chat to her about this request and she’ll reward you with one Crit Rate Boost.

This is a passive you may offer to one of your Personas to improve the odds of a Critical Hit. I find this to be a fair reward if you wish to hit Critical Hits more frequently. If you’re interested in additional Elizabeth requests and their rewards, we have a guide that might assist you out.

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