Persona 3 Reload | Where to find the Handheld Game Console

For Elizabeth’s 11th request in Persona 3 Reload, she asks you to locate a Handheld Game Console. In 2009, handheld consoles like the DS or PSP were everywhere, but in the game, this task is a bit challenging.

Where to find a Handheld Game Console in Persona 3 Reload

To find the Handheld Game Console in Persona 3 Reload, talk to Junpei in the Student Dormitory. Keep in mind that Junpei may not be at the Dorms every day, so return the next day if needed. Look for the exclamation mark above Junpei’s head, indicating he has a request. Speak to him, and you’ll obtain the Handheld Game Console.

This request has a deadline of 6/6, which is quite short. Time can slip away unexpectedly, so if you take on this request, complete it immediately. Don’t worry if you’ve missed previous requests; there’s always new game plus to fully complete the game.

In the original game, finding request items was trickier without the exclamation mark signaling important characters. Persona 3 Reload has simplified this process, making it easier to locate requested items.

While some of Elizabeth’s requests are now easier, a few can still pose challenges. For example, finding a Juzumaru is slightly more manageable this time around, adding a touch of complexity for players.

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