Persona 3 Reload | Steel Gigas weakness

Steel Gigas is a Strong shadow you’ll infrequently face in Arqa, the second block of Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload. It’s a massive, strong wrestler, but it does have one specific vulnerability.

Imagine Hulk Hogan made of a weird black metal instead of flesh, and with an unusual blue mask covering the upper half of his face, and you’ve got a fairly accurate image of what a Steel Gigas looks like. It may occur anywhere in Arqa, so that’s between levels 23 and 69, although you won’t see it very frequently. It’s a Strong shadow, and they only emerge seldom, however they show up a lot more often if you purchase the Gamble Fortune.

Whenever there’s a Strong shadow close, your navigator will alert you. The mini-map marker for a Strong shadow is larger and more active than for a standard shadow, and they have a vivid red glow when you see them in the environment.

What is Steel Gigas’ vulnerability in Persona 3 Reload

In Persona 3 Reload, Steel Gigas has one resistance and one vulnerability. It’s immune to Strike assaults (the ones with a fist emblem), but it’s vulnerable to Electric attacks. This is because while it appears like a wrestler, it’s truly a wrestler. And, as you already know from my Swift Axle guide, it’s JRPG law that all mechanical foes must be vulnerable to electricity and lightning.

How to overcome Steel Gigas in Persona 3 Reload

If Akihiko Sanada has already joined your party, and you’ve taken him with you, then beating a Steel Gigas should be quite easy. Just keep pounding it with Akihiko’s Zio skill, followed by All-Out Attacks.

But even if you don’t have Akihiko with you, it still shouldn’t be too tough. By this time in the game, you should have identified at least one Persona for your leader than can perform Electric damage. Pixie, Omoikane, and Devil, for example, are all low-level Personas having the Zio talent, either by default, or obtained with a little leveling up.

And once you have one of them, you may follow the aforementioned technique against a Steel Giga: Zio, All-Out Attack, rinse, repeat. If you don’t have any Electric damage at all, then you may want to avoid out of Strong shadows in Arqa until you do, since a Steel Gigas can cause a lot of damage if you don’t kill it immediately. It possesses a number of strong physical assaults, and may occasionally even counter your own physical strikes.

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