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Welcome to the Student Council shenanigans in Persona 3 Reload! Hold on tight as we embark on the Emperor Social Link journey with Hidetoshi, the Emperor Arcana aficionado. Meetings, quirky questions, and Mitsuru’s surprises await. Let’s dive into this guide!

Persona 3 Reload Emperor Social Link Guide (P3R)

The adventure kicks off on 4/27, no consent asked – Mitsuru just drags you into the Student Council. Welcome! Hidetoshi, the Emperor Arcana guru, is your new buddy. Meetings happen on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (no dice on test weeks). Find the Student Council Room right in front of your class, and odds are, you’ll bump into Hidetoshi loitering around there.

Now, just like with any other Link, always bring a Persona with the Emperor Arcana, like Forneus or Oberon. Extra points for every answer, and who doesn’t want that? If you catch the vibe of “I might grow closer to Odagiri soon…” during a meeting, jackpot – you’re leveling up next time.

Rank 2

QuestionBest Answer
Some students think the school uniform should be abolished, and they’re gathering supportersSounds like nonsense

Rank 3

QuestionBest Answer
What!? You can’t decide something like that without talking to the president first!Any

Rank 4

QuestionBest Answer
This guy looks like he’s about to hit Odagiri!Any
What is it? Did you need something from me?Looks like you’re hard at work

Rank 5

QuestionBest Answer
…bunch of neanderthalsThey’re the worst

Rank 6

QuestionBest Answer
It’s nice not having those hyenas aroundAny
So as you can see, we can’t exactly hold a meeting right now. You can leave if you wantBut I just got here…

Rank 7

QuestionBest Answer
About the smoker’s punishment, I meanIt seems too harsh

Rank 8

QuestionBest Answer
Um, did Odagiri-san do something?Any
… So, you heard all thatIt wasn’t me

Rank 9

QuestionBest Answer
I rambled on about rules and fairness, but all I really proved was that I was desperate for powerWhat matters is you realized it

Rank 10

QuestionBest Answer
So, how did I do? What’d everyone think?Not too shabby
That’s why you should be the one to have itAny

And there you have it – the Emperor Social Link decoded in table style. Fuse Odin, embrace the power. But brace yourself, no more Thunder Reign for Odin – bummer. Still, a reliable thunder-physical Persona to cling to in your mid-game adventures.

Hidetoshi’s journey teaches us about communication and trust, and while not mind-blowing, it’s a solid Link to focus on during the mid-game hustle.

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