Persona 3 Reload | Should you give yen to the Man in a Suit?

let’s chat about the quirky world of Persona 3 Reload and its Social Links – you know, those connections that kick off in the most peculiar ways. Today’s star is none other than the Man in a Suit loitering around Paulownia Mall. Yep, that shady character asking for a hefty 20,000 Yen as an “investment.” Sounds fishy, right? The burning question – do you actually hand over your hard-earned cash?

Cutting to the chase, my friends, you do want to cough up the Yen if you’re eyeing the Devil Social Link. Initially, that 20,000 Yen won’t do much, but brace yourself because Mr. Suit will keep pestering you for more money as your in-game days roll by. Hit him up with a total of 40,000 Yen, and voila! You’ll trigger a scene paving the way to kick off a Social Link with him. Oh, and a heads-up – besides having the cash, you’ll need some serious Charm level action.

Here’s the twist – this Social Link dances in the moonlight, meaning it won’t clash with your daytime classmates. Perfect for night owls like me! Boosts for any Devil Arcana Persona are a sweet deal, even if you’re not on a mission to max out all your Social Links.

Now, who’s this mysterious Man in the Suit, you ask? Well, if you’ve been catching glimpses of the TV, you’ll recognize him as none other than Tanaka, the shopping network maestro. Yep, that dude from the later Persona games.

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