Persona 3 Reload | Should you fall asleep in class?

You face numerous decisions regarding time management in Persona 3 Reload, and one of them involves whether to doze off during class.

Here’s the lowdown on whether sleeping or staying alert in class is preferable in Persona 3 Reload.

Is it better to sleep or stay awake in class in Persona 3 Reload?

The decision impacts either boosting your Courage or enhancing your Academics and Social Skills in Persona 3 Reload. If your Courage is maxed out, it’s wise to remain awake. However, if you’ve already reached the maximum level of Academics, opting to doze off in class is advisable.

Based on personal experience, there were no negative consequences to sleeping during class. I capitalized on classroom questions, opting between elevating my Courage and academic stats. By the time July rolled around, my Courage had reached its peak level, “Badass,” and I continued staying awake in class. None of the instructors posed additional questions to me, ensuring I didn’t miss out on opportunities to prepare for exams.

You’ll also encounter a random question during class, which may appear on the midterms. Hence, if you intend to rely on something other than a guide, staying awake is likely the prudent choice.

The original Persona 3 game featured several more repercussions and advantages to sleeping or staying awake in class, which didn’t carry over into Persona 3 Reload, making this decision much simpler. This chance offers a cost-free method to bolster these vital Social Stats without expending money or valuable time outside of school. If you aim to unlock a potential Social Link with a character inaccessible due to insufficient Courage or Academics, seizing this opportunity to elevate it before engaging with them again is advantageous.

The choice between staying awake and nodding off in class arises sporadically during your Persona 3 Reload playthrough. These decisions impact your time management, necessitating consideration of the day and your planned activities after school.

So, now you’re equipped with all the pertinent details concerning falling asleep in class in Persona 3 Reload. Best of luck!

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