Persona 3 Reload: Shadow of the Void weakness

Persona 3 Reload presents various challenging encounters with Tartarus Guardian and Arcana Shadow bosses, but it also introduces new formidable foes like The Shadow of the Void.

How to locate the Shadow of the Void

In Persona 3 Reload, The Shadow of the Void is a distinct Shadow, bearing a notable resemblance to The Shadow of the Abyss. Unlike its counterpart, you won’t encounter this Shadow in the overworld. To find it, you must ascend to the highest levels of Tartarus—specifically, floor 255—and proceed through the final Monad Passage following the defeat of the Guardian Boss.

Prior to confronting this Shadow, acquire request 99, titled “Defeat the Shadow of the Void,” from Elizabeth. Equip yourself with ample healing and buffing items, and ideally, have Personas capable of inflicting potent Almighty damage (preferably with access to Concentrate) and delivering high physical damage (accompanied by a significant critical hit rate). Fuse them at the entrance and progress to floor 255.

Weaknesses of the Shadow of the Void

The Shadow of the Void does not possess any weaknesses. However, unlike The Shadow of the Abyss, it also lacks resistances. While elemental damage cannot knock it down, physical damage, particularly via critical hits, can. Employ elemental damage to gradually chip away at its substantial health pool of 5,000 points.

Strategies for defeating the Shadow of the Void

The Shadow of the Void boasts the third tier of Regenerate, enabling it to regain approximately 300 health per turn, intensifying the challenge. It possesses abilities like Apt Pupil and Sharp Student, reducing its susceptibility to critical hits while enhancing its chances of landing critical hits on your party members. Unlike The Shadow of the Abyss encounter, there are no narrative aids here.

The Shadow of the Void employs Poison and Strike attacks alternately. Access to Heat Riser significantly facilitates this battle. Maintain consistent healing and focus on dealing substantial Almighty damage by utilizing Concentrate to amplify your output. Given the enemy’s Sharp Student passive, landing critical hits may prove challenging, so prioritize Almighty damage when feasible.

Expect a protracted battle, but persist with debuffs on yourself to gradually diminish the Shadow of the Void’s strength. If the encounter prolongs excessively, resort to an emergency Armageddon to swiftly conclude the battle.

With perseverance, you’ll emerge victorious against the most formidable Monad boss in Persona 3 Reload.

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