Persona 3 Reload Quest 29: How to find the fashionable item

Elizabeth, the assistant of the Velvet Room in Persona 3 Reload, expresses an interest in understanding more about the human world. In pursuit of this, she requests that you procure a fashionable item for her. While seemingly straightforward, Elizabeth’s request is quite specific. Here’s what you need to fulfill Request #29.

Elizabeth Request #29: I want to look fashionable

  • Task: Bring a fashionable item.
  • Deadline: July 5 (7/5)
  • Reward: (5) Power Incense I
  • Instructions: Speak to the Luxury Shopkeeper in Club Escapade. Then, head to Arqa, the second Tartarus block, and defeat a Lustful Snake to obtain Black Quartz. Return it to the Luxury Shopkeeper and purchase the glasses for ¥10,000.

Getting into Club Escapade and Arqa

Completing this request requires meeting certain criteria. Firstly, the mission becomes available for acceptance from June 13 (6/13) and must be completed before July 5 (7/5), offering a narrow timeframe for completion. Additionally, you need to have reached Level 2 Courage (Ordinary) to gain entry to Club Escapade.

To fulfill the order, you must have progressed to the second half of Arqa. By this stage, your Courage should be sufficient, but if not, consider activities like Karaoke or dining at Wild Duck to boost it. You’ll find yourself nearing the conclusion of Arqa’s first half.

When prepared, visit Club Escapade and inquire with the Luxury Shopkeeper, situated near the bar with an exclamation point above him, about fashionable items. He will offer one for sale at ¥150,000. Alternatively, he mentions reducing the price if you procure Black Quartz for him.

Where to find Black Quartz?

Elizabeth directs you to acquire Black Quartz by defeating a Lustful Snake in Arqa’s latter half. These formidable enemies can be identified by their menacing red aura. Engage them in combat, utilizing ice-based attacks to exploit their weakness. Upon their defeat, you will obtain Black Quartz.

Return to Club Escapade the following day and present the gem to the Luxury Shopkeeper. He will lower the price to ¥10,000. Purchase the item and deliver it to Elizabeth, who will reward you with the Power Incense. Furthermore, she will adorn the fashionable glasses, showcasing her newfound style. Well done, Elizabeth.

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