Persona 3 Reload: Priestess weakness

Priestess marks the first major boss encounter in Persona 3 Reload, serving as a true test of your skills developed through the initial Tartarus floors.

The battle kicks off on 5/9 during the Dark Hour, but unlike typical Shadows found in Tartarus, this confrontation unfolds on a monorail. Adding to the challenge, a 30-minute timer ticks down as you engage in the battle. Priestess also possesses a move that significantly reduces the timer after sustaining significant damage, emphasizing the need for speed to prevail in this encounter.

Given the absence of weaknesses, knowing Priestess’s vulnerability is crucial for inflicting substantial damage. However, Priestess does not have any weaknesses in Persona 3 Reload and is immune to Ice-based elemental attacks. Thus, refrain from employing Ice attacks against it.

Nevertheless, Priestess does not exhibit resistance to any other elements besides Ice. Therefore, your primary approach should focus on maximizing your party’s power in Tartarus before 5/9 to ensure your attacks overpower the boss. Adequate level grinding before this date is imperative.

If you find yourself under-leveled, ensure to stock up on SP items to unleash your strongest Persona-based attacks and brace yourself for a challenging battle.

What is Despairing Tiara’s weakness in Persona 3 Reload?

Subsequently, two Despairing Tiara enemies join the fray alongside Priestess. These adversaries are vulnerable to Wind-based attacks, making characters like Yukari crucial for dealing with them. Although more bothersome than threatening, exploiting their weakness can expedite their defeat.

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