Persona 3 Reload | Ochlocratic Sand Weakness

Upon reaching the Yabbashah block in Tartarus, you’ll confront a mini-boss known as Ochlocratic Sand. These shadows pose a significant threat due to their ability to unleash various AoE damage attacks on your team. To prevent a Game Over scenario, swiftly exploit Ochlocratic Sand’s weakness in Persona 3 Reload. Here’s a guide to aid new players in defeating this mini-boss and continuing their Tartarus exploration.

How to Beat Ochlocratic Sand in Persona 3 Reload

Encountered on Floor 77 of the Yabbashah block, Ochlocratic Sand comprises three Shadows with specific weaknesses and resistances in Persona 3 Reload:

  • Weakness: Ice
  • Resist: Light and Dark
  • Repel: Fire
  • Null: Electric and Ice
  • Absorb: None

Ochlocratic Sand poses a significant threat with its ability to unleash various AoE attacks, inflicting substantial damage on your party. Prior to engaging in battle, employ Fuuka’s Sylphid Aura skill to bolster your team’s defense and speed.

To swiftly dispatch this boss, equip the protagonist with a Persona wielding Ice magic. However, ensure the Persona isn’t vulnerable to Fire, as Ochlocratic Sand can utilize Maragion. Unfortunately, most Personas with Bufu are susceptible to this element. Mitigate this vulnerability by utilizing a Skill Card to teach Ice magic to a Fire-resistant Persona.

Best Team Composition

While Mitsuru may seem like a viable option due to Penthesilea’s Bufula, her weakness against Fire renders her ill-suited for this battle. Optimal team composition recommendations include:

  • DPS: Protagonist
  • Healer: Yukari
  • Support: Aigis & Akihiko

During my playthrough, I inadvertently included Mitsuru in my team for this boss battle. However, her weakness to Fire led to her downfall when the boss targeted her with a follow-up attack. Fortunately, Yukari managed to evade the incoming Pulinpa. The protagonist emerged as the primary damage dealer, wielding Mithras with Mabufu.

Ultimately, Mitsuru and the Protagonist consistently exploited Ochlocratic Sand’s weakness. Leveraging an All-Out Attack and Theurgy abilities, I inflicted significant damage on the Shadows.

Defeating Ochlocratic Sand rewards you with 13,956 EXP, in addition to unlocking two treasure chests on the floor. These chests yield Power Incense II and Floaty Sandals from the Twilight Fragment chest, boasting an Evasion of 54 and a low Physical evasion effect.

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