Persona 3 Reload | Nemean Beast weakness

The Nemean Beast lurks behind Monad Doors within Persona 3 Reload’s Tartarus tower. While confronting it isn’t obligatory to progress the narrative, the rewards in drops, money, and XP can make the battle worthwhile.

Monad Doors may manifest on various floors without significantly altering them. We encountered this door around floor 100, although they may appear earlier. Upon entering, you’ll face a miniboss selected from a roster of enemies. Opening a red door carries the possibility of encountering the Nemean Beast. Here’s what you should know to be adequately prepared.

What is Nemean Beast’s Weakness in Persona 3 Reload?

The Nemean Beast is susceptible to Wind but resistant to Electric and Light. No specific party composition is required as it doesn’t resist physical attacks. However, if Akihiko is present, avoid skills labeled with “Zio.”

How to Defeat Nemean Beast in Persona 3 Reload

Yukari plays a pivotal role in this encounter. Apart from providing healing and remarkable support, her Garula spells are crucial for dealing damage to the Nemean Beast and setting it up for All-Out Attacks. For maximum damage output, consider utilizing her Theurgy skills for even greater impact.

In addition to Yukari, the Protagonist should focus on stunning the enemy, allowing for multiple All-Out Attacks after all party members have taken their turns. While the absence of Yukari complicates the fight, it remains feasible.

If Yukari isn’t part of your party, the battle becomes slightly more challenging, but not insurmountable. Akihiko, due to the Nemean Beast’s resistance to shock, should rely on physical attacks, which he’s adept at. Other characters can contribute by debuffing the Nemean Beast, providing an advantage against its defenses. If victory appears elusive, resorting to Theurgy is a viable option.

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