Persona 3 Reload | Name order guide

So you fire up Persona 3 Reload, breeze through the intro, and bam! The protagonist’s name order dilemma hits you like a ton of bricks. No worries, I got your back – let me spill the beans on the correct name order for your Persona 3 Reload hero.

What’s the Correct Name Order in Persona 3 Reload?

Ever scratched your head wondering how to slot in the protagonist’s canonical name in Persona 3 Reload? Totally get it – in the Japanese groove, it’s usually last name first, like Yuki Makoto.

But hold up! In the English version of Persona 3 Reload, during the contract signing shindig, flip the script – go with the standard flow, where the given name precedes the last name (Makoto Yuki). This nifty move will have your pals calling you Yuki-Kun, and it’s spot-on if you’re vibing with the movie playthrough.

Other Canon Names of the Persona 3 Reload Protagonist

Now, if you’re veering towards the Persona 3 manga adaptation, buckle up for Minato Arisato as the protagonist’s correct moniker. On the flip side, if the live musical adaptation has you hooked, scribble down Sakuya Shiomi when sealing the deal with the mysterious lad.

Any of these three names is a-okay in the canon books, and hey, no judgment zone here. But, personal suggestion? Roll with Makoto Yuki – it’s the crowd-pleaser, the go-to name for the protagonist’s journey.

Choosing a name shouldn’t feel like navigating a labyrinth, right? So, dive back into Persona 3 Reload, hero name locked and loaded!

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