Persona 3 Reload: Keisuke Hiraga Social Link guide

Some characters in Persona 3 Reload find solace in your company during their final moments, while others seek your counsel for pivotal life choices, as seen in the Keisuke Hiraga Social Link.

Keisuke Hiraga represents the Fortune Arcana in Persona 3 Reload. Initially uncertain about his future path, torn between his father’s desire for him to pursue medicine and his own passion for art, Keisuke’s story has captivated many players eager to explore his Social Link.

How to unlock Keisuke Hiraga’s (Fortune) Social Link in Persona 3 Reload

To initiate Keisuke’s Social Link, join the Art Club in Persona 3 Reload. Opportunities to join clubs arise after June 17, with limited options compared to other Persona games.

Once a member of the art club, you can engage with Keisuke on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school hours to progress your Social Link.

All Keisuke Hiraga’s (Fortune) Social Link responses in Persona 3 Reload

Dialogue choices during interactions with Keisuke can yield varying outcomes, with alignment to the Fortune Arcana Persona enhancing their effectiveness.

At rank one

Responses at this level have equal impact.

At rank two

  • “It really helped apply the paint to the canvas, so I’m sure that’s the only reason the judges even noticed.”
  • “You’ve got talent.”

At rank three

  • “Did you hear everything?”
  • “You’re pulling out of the contest.”
  • “I have my own dreams too, you know! Ugh, I can’t stand it anymore!”
  • “So you’re just going to take it?”

At rank four

  • “Wait. Then…that means….”
  • “You should tell your dad.”

At rank five

  • “I just don’t know what to think.”

At rank six

  • “It’s like he’s suddenly trying to be more understanding. It’s weird.”
  • “Do you want to be a doctor?”

At rank seven

  • “Can you remember your name?”
  • “It’s okay, I’m fine.”

At rank eight

  • “Tell the others I said goodbye!”

At rank nine

  • “That’s why I want you to have it.”
  • “Stop relying on others.”
  • “I’m not coming off as arrogant, am I?”

During phone calls

  • “Do you think it’s okay for me to be in the finals?”
  • “Yeah, you just did your best.”

While off-duty from Social Link engagements, you can collect 12 different drinks from vending machines or find a beautiful tile for Elizabeth to make progress across various aspects of the game.

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