Persona 3 Reload Is the Fastest-Selling Atlus Game Ever

The remastered edition of the third installment in the cherished RPG series debuted on PC and the latest Xbox and PlayStation consoles on February 2. Persona 3 Reload garnered immediate widespread acclaim, with both fans and critics lauding its faithful rendition of the original game alongside quality-of-life enhancements like the ability to rewind time without saving.

The RPG’s initial commercial success mirrored its critical reception, as confirmed by Atlus. Taking to Twitter on February 8, the Sega subsidiary disclosed the game’s performance during its launch week, announcing that Persona 3 Reload surpassed 1 million in global sales within just six days. This rapid achievement makes it the fastest-selling title ever produced by Atlus. Although a breakdown by platform was not provided, data from Valve indicates that Steam significantly contributed to the game’s early adoption rate.

Zooming out, another contributing factor to this historic triumph is Persona 3 Reload being the first new mainline entry in the series to receive a simultaneous multi-platform release, available on all modern gaming systems except the Nintendo Switch. While the “remake” label implies a reimagined rather than entirely fresh experience, its ability to attract such a large audience at the full price of $70 is particularly impressive.

Mainline Persona Games Lifetime Sales

Persona 1656,000VGC and Famitsu estimates, including PSP port sales.
Persona 2675,000VGC estimate, including all versions of Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment.
Persona 31.42 millionVGC estimate, including all versions of P3 FES and Portable.
Persona 44.6 millionVGC estimates and official figures, including all versions of P4 Golden.
Persona 57.2 millionOfficial figure, including P5 Royal sales.
Persona 3 Reload1 millionOfficial sales figures from launch week.

Similarly, Persona 3 Reload’s inclusion in the Xbox Game Pass lineup on its release day likely impacted its sales to some extent. Its addition to Microsoft’s subscription service was notable, evident from its continuous presence in the Xbox Game Pass “Most Popular” section for six consecutive days. Additionally, the top carousel of the Xbox app’s Game Pass section has prominently featured the RPG’s release throughout the past week.

Persona 3 Reload Is Rumored To Be Just the Beginning

Despite the resounding success of its launch, Atlus seems poised to continue its momentum. Recent data-mining endeavors suggest that Persona 3 Reload may receive at least one more DLC expansion. This addition is rumored to be a reimagining of The Answer, an epilogue chapter absent from the game but a significant feature of Persona 3 FES on the PS2. Furthermore, a credible insider from Atlus has indicated that the company is actively developing three more Persona remakes, with new versions of Persona 1, 2, and 4 reportedly in progress.

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