Persona 3 Reload | How to Get Oberon with Mazio

Ah, the magical world of Persona 3 Reload, where fusions are like crafting your own little army of awesomeness. Now, Margaret throws a curveball your way – she wants an Oberon with the spark of Mazio. Don’t worry, it’s a piece of cake!

How to Get Oberon with Mazio in Persona 3 Reload

So, Oberon, the lightning wizard, naturally learns Mazio at Level 17. Here’s the scoop – he starts at Level 16 when you snag him from Tartarus or fuse him. Easy peasy, right? I had my Emperor Social Link at Level 2, so when I fused Oberon, bam, Level 17, just like that. The Emperor Social Link kicks off on 4/27, so attend its activities once, and you’re good on EXP.

Now, let’s talk fusion materials. To whip up Oberon, consider these early-game recipes:

  • Valkyrie + Onmoraki
  • Valkyrie + Jack Frost
  • Valkyrie + Jack O’Lantern

Yep, it’s Valkyrie plus everything! These personas are a stroll in the Tartarus park, especially in the first block (Thebel). Grind a bit, collect your personas, and voila – fusion frenzy!

And if, for some reason, the fusion dance isn’t your jam, Oberon casually hangs out in the Arqa Block (starting at Floor 17). Level him up a bit, and you’re golden.

Now, here’s a cheeky alternative – ever heard of the Mazio card? It’s like a shortcut to teach Oberon the skill directly. Odaichi might be lurking, demanding your precious time, but the Mazio card can be your savior.

Your reward for this fusion escapade? Yukari gets the snazzy Female Uniforms (W) outfit, and you unlock more fusion requests.

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