Persona 3 Reload | How to fuse Helel

Persona 3 Reload enables players to merge Personas into more potent versions inspired by various mythologies. One notable entity across the series is Helel, a rendition of the notorious fallen angel Lucifer, equipped with a distinct array of abilities.

Fusing Helel in Persona 3 Reload

Helel stands as the ultimate Persona for the Star Arcana. To unlock the Special Fusion for Helel, players must progress through the Star Social Link (Mamoru Hayase) path and attain level 10. Since the Star Social Link remains inaccessible until August, it will require considerable time to reach this point, necessitating players to level up and make preparations for its eventual unlocking.

Progressing through the Social Link marks the initial phase, followed by reaching a specific level prerequisite to attempt fusing Helel. The embodiment of Lucifer becomes available for fusion at level 88, provided players have amassed the requisite Personas. These Personas can be acquired through fusion or summoning from the Persona Compendium.

Several combinations of Personas are viable for Dyad Fusion to unlock Helel. For convenience, the following five combinations offer relative simplicity compared to others:

  • Metatron (Aeon, level 87) and Lilith (Devil, level 65)
  • Alilat (Empress, level 84) and Loki (Fool, level 69)
  • Asura (Sun, level 85) and Arahabaki (Hermit, level 68)
  • Mother Harlot (Empress, level 77) and Susano-o (Fool, level 77)
  • Beelzebub (Devil, level 81) and Ananta (Aeon, level 73)

By employing any of these combinations, players can wield the formidable power of Helel.

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