Persona 3 Reload: How to fuse Arahabaki

The privilege of fusing Arahabaki awaits those who successfully complete the appropriate Social Link in Persona 3 Reload. However, the game doesn’t provide much guidance on fusing it. So, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to fuse Arahabaki.

How to create Arahabaki in Persona 3 Reload

To unlock Arahabaki, you must complete the Hermit Social Link with Maya in the Online Game. Unlike some other Personas unlocked via Social Links, Arahabaki isn’t created through Special Fusion. Instead, it’s the result of various Dyad Fusions. Consequently, Arahabaki can possess different abilities based on its fusion components.

Arahabaki is a level 68 Persona, requiring a minimum level of 68 to fuse. However, depending on the Personas used for fusion, you may need to be at a higher level. Here are some simpler fusion combinations for Arahabaki, though there are numerous other possibilities:

  • Loki (69) + Pazuzu (56)
  • Thor (64) + Byakko (63)
  • Barong (63) + Alice (68)
  • Thor (64) + Yurlungur (71)
  • Surt (60) + Kohryu (71)

These fusion recipes are some of the more straightforward ways to create Arahabaki in Persona 3 Reload. However, there are many other combinations to explore. Feel free to experiment and discover the various fusion outcomes.

Arahabaki’s strengths and weaknesses

Arahabaki boasts notable strengths in the series. It can repel both Pierce and Strike skills, in addition to resisting Bless attacks. However, Arahabaki is susceptible to Slash, Ice, and Curse damage, making it risky to use in certain battles. Although it can learn Repel Dark, it remains vulnerable to two major weaknesses.

While Arahabaki may not rank as the best Persona in the game, it still offers valuable attributes. It possesses Herculean Strike, a potent physical attack against all enemies, and Makarakarn, allowing you to deploy a magical shield deflecting a single spell. This defensive capability proves invaluable in challenging battles. As you prepare for endgame challenges, consider adding Helel to your list of powerful Personas.

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