Persona 3 Reload | How to create a Persona with Kouha for Elizabeth

One of Elizabeth’s initial requests in Persona 3 Reload is to bring her a Persona with the Kouha ability. While not an uncommon skill, finding it on Personas in the lower floors of Tartarus can be a challenge.

To fulfill this request, Persona Fusion is the key to obtaining a Persona with the Kouha skill. Fortunately, the required Personas for fusion are readily available in the early hours of the game.

How to Fuse a Persona with Kouha in Persona 3 Reload

The most suitable Persona for this request is Archangel, obtainable from Shuffle Time in Arqa, the second block of Tartarus. While the card is a random drop, fusion provides a more reliable method.

Several Personas can be fused to create Archangel. To summon Archangel, you need to be at least level 10. Visit the Velvet Room and combine the following Personas:

  • Apsaras + Forneus
  • Omoikane + Ara Mitama
  • Orpheus + Unicorn
  • Nigi Mitama + Nekomata
  • Apsaras + Slime
  • Omoikane + Chimera
  • Ara Mitama + Berith
  • Pixie + Yomotsu Shikome
  • Alp + Yomotsu Shikome

Any of these combinations will result in the fusion of Archangel. If you don’t intend to include Archangel in your main Persona roster, there’s no need to worry about skill inheritance. However, Archangel is a formidable Persona, so consider adding valuable skills to its moveset through fusion combos. Remember, you can summon registered Personas from your Compendium if needed.

Once you’ve acquired Archangel, present it to Elizabeth to fulfill the request. Your reward will be two Fierce Sutra items, boosting your entire party’s attack for three turns—an invaluable asset for challenging battles on the higher floors of Tartarus. This won’t be the last time Elizabeth tasks you with creating a Persona featuring a specific skill, so hold onto Skill Cards for potential rare fusions in the future, such as an Oberon with Mazio.

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