Persona 3 Reload | How to attempt a hundred shrine visits

From August 8 onward in Persona 3 Reload, you encounter another significant Elizabeth request that entails completing a hundred shrine visits—an initially daunting prospect that proves to be less arduous than it sounds.

Although the task may appear overwhelming initially, it’s surprisingly manageable. You don’t actually need to visit the shrine a hundred times. Instead, you simply need to consecutively visit a specific location a few times to fulfill the requirement on your Request sheet before proceeding to the next task. So, how does it all unfold, and what awaits you upon completion?

How to complete Persona 3 Reload Request 54

To fulfill Request 54 in Persona 3 Reload, make your way to Naganaki Shrine after school and offer prayers in front of the shrine three times in total. Be sure not to mistake it for the adjacent fortune box; I’m referring to the main shrine situated in the center of the area.

You can pray at the shrine as often as you wish without utilizing your afternoon Social Link opportunity. However, ensure that you return to the shrine for three consecutive days before pursuing other activities. Following three days of continuous prayers, you will obtain the necessary key item.

Upon returning to Elizabeth in the Velvet Room, she will reward you with Lime Swimwear. The connection between Lime Swimwear and Shrines may not be immediately apparent, but nobody seems to be raising any objections.

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