Persona 3 Reload Gourmet King answers and Moon Social Link guide

Once you provide the Gourmet King with the correct answers to his quiz, you can initiate the Moon Social Link, which offers further dialogue choices detailed in this Persona 3 Reload guide.

You can accumulate additional Social Link points towards reaching the maximum rank based on your responses during rank-ups. This will result in a rewarding outcome, so continue reading to discover the correct answers.

Moon (Gourmet King) Social Link answers guide in Persona 3 Reload

You can unlock the Moon Social Link by achieving Rank 3 of the Magician Social Link and attaining level two Charm. During your progression to Rank 3, Kenji will mention the Gourmet King, whom you’ll spot at Paulownia Mall during daytime. We provide a guide on commencing the Gourmet King Social Link and supplying the correct answers to his quiz.

Afterward, you’ll have the opportunity to spend time with Nozomi Suemitsu, known as the Gourmet King. Notably, possessing a Persona with the Moon Arcana during rank-ups in this Social Link will yield additional EXP.

Rank 2

Well? Would you wanna be…my younger brother?Sure, why not.+3

Rank 3

So? Do you “get me” hm? Who am I? Go on, I wanna hear it come out of your mouth!The Gourmet King.+3

Rank 4

Whew…That was way too close. If that toilet was just a bit further away… Ohhhh boy.Are you feeling sick?+3

Rank 5

Right, Makoto-kun?That’s right.+3

Rank 6

I don’t get it. I felt fine up until just a minute ago, then suddenly I felt sick.Are you sick? Does this happen a lot?+3+1

Rank 7

Well? Did that just blow your mind?The world is ending? Not really.+3+1

Rank 8

Look at me! I’m paper-thin now!No, you’re not.+3

Rank 9

None of your choices here will affect your Rank. As a reminder, you’ll see a Rank Reversal warning, but it’s not real.

Rank 10

But if I keep this up, I’ll never be able to replace my brother, will I?Just be yourself. You’re irreplaceable.+3+3

Moon (Gourmet King) Social Link rewards

As a reward for achieving the maximum Rank in this Moon Social Link, you’ll obtain a Gourmet License. This permits you to fuse the Ultimate Persona Sandalphon. If you’re keen on creating more Ultimate Personas, consider maxing out the Chariot Social Link as well!

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